Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today's Blue Plate Specials ... Mizz Lustra Knit

QVC's TSV is a Susan Graver Lustra Knit Metallic Beaded Tunic & Pants set. The QVC power that be have heard us ... free shipping! All the people rejoice! This set comes in 4 colors and is made out of something she calls Lustra Knit, which is supposed to be stretchy and comfy but not cling (but sounds like a super fabulous drag queen name to me). The reviews for her other Lustra clothes are mostly good. However, it ain't my thang, chickadees! Also, Susan can be a little ... umm ... difficult to watch at times. Glad she's offering petite though! Check out the other free shipping offers here.

The HSN TS is The Look by Randolph Duke 4-piece Wardrober. This comes in 4 colors and you get a jacket, tank, pants, and skirt all made out of a "soft stretchable polyester knit." Randolph needs to come up with a catchier name! Look at Susan Garver with her "Lustra Knit." You don't hear her calling it a nylon/spandex blend! On the surface this looks all mixy-matchy, but I would always end up wearing the pants, tank, and jacket together. I'm not much for skirts. I guess this probably would be good for traveling light though.

ShopNBC's OTV is a Sterling Silver / Platinum & 18K Vermeil Opaque Ruby / White Zircon Ring. I will start with the positive: this ring has a beautiful under gallery. Unfortunately no one but you will see it! The rest of it looks ... well, meh. The plating and the design look cheap. I don't have a problem with opaque ruby, I just don't like it to be faceted as if it were a clear ruby.

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