Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Today's Blue Plate Special ... Crafty Scrappers

The HSN TS is a 3 Birds Exscrapaganza All-in-One Craft Kit. Alright all you scrappy croppers ... and even you beginners ... this set makes scrapbooking easy. If you are never sure how to layout a page or what looks good together, this set coordinates everything for you. And the price is great for what you're getting.

I used to scrapbook, but then I ended up spending waaaay too much time, money, and square footage on the project, so I had to give it up. It was like an addiction. I will probably delve back into it one day. Lord have mercy! I'm gettin' the shakes just thinking about breaking out those decorative-edge scissors and the acid-free adhesive.

The QVC TSV is a Supreme AeroBed Twin Raised Bed w/Hands-Free Pump. Having the bed at about the height of a regular bed is nice, although I can't imagine that I'd make my eighty-something grandmother try to sleep in one! It inflates itself with a built in pump and even has an indentation so you can tuck your sheets in.

I looked through the reviews for other Aerobed products and it was really hit and miss. However, the real problem is that if you have one of these beds, your relatives might think its comfortable and will come and stay with you longer. Ack!

The ShopNBC OTV is a Nourison "Garden Aubusson" 5' x 7' 9" Wool Rug. If this is really a good quality wool area rug, then $117 is a great price. Wool rugs ain't cheap, chickadees!

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