Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Let Go, Let Go, Come on In ...

Have you been diggin' the new HSN promos? Got that song stuck in your head all day? I love the new promos and love that song by Toby Lightman. I also think that it's awesome that HSN is working with an independent artist (Toby releases her albums on her own label, T Killa Records).

With the music industry changing so rapidly, artists have to think outside the box to get themselves and their music noticed. This was a great partnership and I hope HSN works with other artists in the future. The new album, Let Go, is dropping July 15th and you can catch Toby live on HSN later this month.

If you want an autographed copy of the album, Toby will be autographing the first 400 copies of Let Go and making them exclusively available through her web store for only $12.

What Toby said about the new album, "This album led me back to the roots of why I started singing and recording music in the first place. So, Let Go was recorded the very same way Little Things was recorded. Boots (the producer of the record) and I, sat in a room, and literally played everything. From the guitars to the violins to the keys... I did have my old friend, Coach, lay down an amazing groove on the drums. We put our hearts and souls into this record and i can't wait for everyone to hear it"

Take a listen here:

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