Thursday, June 5, 2008

QVC TSV: Yes, You Can Dress like Cher Too!

Bob Mackie's Embroidered Cutout Jacket & Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Item# A80937

No Easy Pays
Sizes XS through 3X
Choice of Back/Pink, Aqua/Black, or White/Yellow colors

Here's what Mr. Mackie--infamous designer for the dragqueenalicious Cher--had to say about the design: "This sporty, ultra-feminine, cut-out embroidered jacket is the perfect piece to wear with your dressiest or most casual basics. It'll certainly perk up your spring and summer wardrobes."

At least, unlike a certain other shopping channel *cough*shopnbc*cough*, he's realizes that it's actually summer and therefore HOT (yes, Queen Bea's looking straight at you and your leather, Pamela McCoy).

I like the 3/4 kabuki-style sleeves on the jacket and the fact that it comes with a shirt that's dyed to match; however as soon as I read "hand wash, hang dry," it was a no-deal. Queen Bea is not a washer woman and hates dry cleaners--more of a stright up wash-n-wear kind of a chick ... I mean, queenly queen.


  1. that is the ugliest jacket i have ever seen

  2. Love Cher! Quit calling her a drag queen/.

  3. AMckie should get together with that Quacker lady and create one big hot tranny mess


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