Friday, June 6, 2008

QVC TSV: Wait List B. Makowsky

B. Makowsky Glove Leather Double Handle Belted Shopper

Item# A82557


No Easy Pays on this one chickadees!

Choice of Tan, Bone, Multi, Olive, or Black

I love, love, LOVE B. Makowsky purses (as Lisa R. would say), but this one is all but gone, gone, gone. I wasn't awake at midnight to see the kick off and sell out of this purse. Black is the only color left this morning. I looked through the other purses and there are slim pickings.

I love the feel of high-quality leather (QVC description: finest glove leather: supple, smooth, and unbelievably buttery soft ... I'm dying here!) and the look of cool leopard-print linings.

And I love the outside pockets and the magnetic closures (translation: too lazy to fiddle with regular snaps!).

And I don't care what the fashion mags say, if big purses go out of style, Queen Bea is still gonna lug around her suitcase for a purse. Can't manage without it.

You see, QVC PTB (powers that be) ... this is what happens when you offer a truly quality designer product. It. Sells. Out. Quickly. Take note!

BTW, Bruce Makowsky is the husband of bag designer Kathy Van Zeeland. I love her funky purses too!

On a plus note, this means some possible good OTO's today! (That's One Time Only's for the shopping channel impaired.)
ETA: Heard that there were only 7700 of these bags to start with. That is a really low number for the Q!


  1. Made in China=NOT FOR ME!

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