Monday, June 2, 2008

QVC TSV for 6/2/08: One Word ... Ouchiemama!

Panasonic Triple Head Wet/Dry Epilator w/ShaverAttachment
Item# V26953
No Easy Pays today, kids!

Queen Bea hates hair growing in weird places as much as the next girl, but this looks like some horrific torture devise. Oww. Oww. Oww! It's supposed to be better because of those three 360-degree spinning head thingies. Maybe it is better. Maybe I wouldn't have to shave my legs for a long time after spending some quality time with this little epilator. Maybe this would be better suited for a Guantanimo Bay interrogation.

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  1. QVC aired items like this as Christmas Gifts! What a Joke. All they sell is beer, wine, and margarita mix! all their missing is cheese. Oh that's right they are selling cheese with every pair of shoes that Jane tries on in her hour with NO SOCKS OR HOSE! CLASSY! Shawn says to wear the boots as much as you want you can still return! QVC gives the Best Gifts! YES??


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