Monday, June 2, 2008

Lightning Strikes the Queen!

Due to a lightning blot hitting a huge tree in Queen Bea's courtyard, the Internet was down all day yesterday. Still is actually and will be into the forseeable future. I'm borrowing some Internet right now (praise the Lord and pass the plate twice!). The strike knocked out almost every TV in the house, the router, the invisible dog fence, the X-Box. and (gasp!) the Tivo (The Queen is melting into a little puddle of despair! How am I going to live without So You Think You Can Dane?).

The whole thing was very strange. None of the breakers or surge protectors flipped. Not one! I'm no electrical expert, but I would think that a strike that big would at least flip a breaker or two.

The lightning would completely kill one thing on a given surge protector and leave all the rest unscathed. And as for the majority of the appliances plugged directly into the wall--all fine. SO much for surge protectors.

I was asleep when it happened. The electricity only went out for just a split second, a split second that was accompanied by the sound of a bomb dropping on the house. Unreal. The sonic boom that I heard turned out to be the tree exploding, but I had no idea what the sound was at the time.

I'm going to try to upload the pictures I took of the tree. It's quite amazing. Looks like something straight out of Harry Potter. The bark was blown off the tree and the wood underneath is smooth and feels polished. Amazing and quite beautiful.

BTW, did you know that lightning is spelled lightning and not lightening--doesn't it sound like that extra 'e' should be in there somewhere? The word looks naked or something.

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  1. I actually know the Queen Bea and saw photos of the tree that was hit--amazing. Scary! Thank goodness everyone in her family was okay.


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