Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Project Runway Alum is "In" at QVC

Move over Chloe Dao and Laura Bennett ... Jay McCarroll, winner of season 1 of Project Runway (have I mentioned how much I love this show?!?!?), will be the next Project Runway designer to jump into the murky mass-market waters of QVC.

Why? Well, he’s rather blunt about it: money and the fact that he’s not a fan of the celebrity fashion industry (probably after Heidi Klum ditched his red carpet dress, that he spent forever making, at the last minute--remember that???).

“I’m not one for glamour or red carpet stuff or sexy crap,” he said. “I definitely want people to have my product and I definitely want it to be affordable — there’s better things to spend money on than something disposable. I make stuff for every day, every woman kind of thing; I grew up that way. I grew up loving the sale rack at Gap and going to Sears.”

That's why I love Jay! He just says it like it is. Most of us aren't sitting around in our Cartier and Dolce & Gabbana. Queen Bea is a TJ Maxx and Target kind of a girl!

Since turning down the $100,000 Project Runway prize (yes! he really turned it down, but he won't talk about it.), Jay has moved to Philadelphia, opened a boutique, filmed a documentary, and even taught at Philadelphia University … but he’s not rollin’ in the dough yet.

"I hope QVC will be a good thing and afford me some financial freedom to do other projects.”

I don’t have any pictures of the new line yet, but there is supposed to be a color-block coat, a beaded sweater, a pair of jeans, a jean jacket, and a tunic dress. And I’m sure we’ll see some of his signature circles. Here's a look at his most recent ready-to-wear line. This isn't what's going to be on the Q, but it might help give you an idea of what to expect:

You buy his line of tees and totes now on his website.

His fashion trend prediction for this year?

"I don’t follow any trends. I say where whatever the f*** you want to wear. Do you want me to make up fun trends for you? Everyone should be wearing stains. Stains on their shirts."

So there you have it … time to rock the baby puke and spaghetti stains, chickadees!!!

Here's the trailer for his documentary, Eleven Minutes. It's all about the thousands of hours of work that go into those quick runway shows. If you like Project Runway, Jay, and fashion, this is for you (and trust me, Jay never fails to entertain):

And you can read about Jay going to the QVC Guest Excellence Seminar at Cathie Filian's blog here. What I wouldn't give to be a little Queen Bea on the wall during that seminar!


  1. I love Jay--I hope he makes it big on the Q!

  2. Jay was my favorite on PR and I can't wait to see him on QVC. So far all of the PR designers have been great! I bought a Chloe Dao shirt a few months ago and always get compliments on it.


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