Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blue Plate Special Daily Round Up ... the Calm After the Evil Pay Storm

Take a deep breath ................. now exhale! Evil pay day is over. Time to step into the recovery room.

QVC has a Breezies bra TSV that's supposed to keep you cool in the sweltering heat of summer. I wonder if that UltimAir lining really can keep the girls cool ... that sure would be nice. If you haven't noticed, it's hotter than hades out there lately.

The bra is also seamless, so it's supposed to look better under those thin, knit tops and also help with those unsightly back fat bulges. Considering that I just bought a bra that makes me look like I have 4 boobs, I might want to look closer at this one.

Don't forget that RLM will be on with some new pieces today! I thought about getting that Forgive/Forget ring, but then I realized that every time I looked at it, I would be reminded of who I was mad at and why! Read about Robert and the Olsen twins here.

HSN has a JVC 35xzoom flas memory camcorder for their TS. Using a memory card would be soooo much easier than that stupid, pain-in-the-arse digital tape I have to use in my camcorder.

Ken Paves, you know that cute little blond guy with the funny voice that is Jessica Simpson's hairstylist, will be coming out with a line of hair care products June 24 called Healthy Hair to add to the hair extensions line, hairdo. I'm always so tempted to buy that fake hair, but then I always geek out and cancel. I don't think that I'm responsible enough to take care of fake hair--it would turn into a rat's nest for sure.

ShopNBC has a beautifully-designed diamond ring for their OTV. The diamonds are so-so, but overall it's a beautiful ring. not gonna spend $900 for it, but I like it. Not bad Chuck Clemency!

Calm selections for our calm post-evil-pay-day recovery. Breathe, chickadees, breathe!


  1. I spent way too much yesterday! But I stocked up on my Philosophy and BE (AD!). Just letting my credit card cool off today.

  2. i went online several times yesterday and was able to put stuff into my cart, but i got so stinkin' frustrated by the slow site that I just gave up.....i've never *not* ordered anything on evil pay day! i feel a little cheated! :-)

  3. Sorry MK!

    I went on early and managed to snag a few things! :-)

    I knew from past experience that it just gets more and more slow the later it gets!

    And Jill ... one of my friends also stocked up on BE b/c she absolutely refuses to swirl, tap, buff! She just puts the brush directly into the tub!


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