Friday, May 30, 2008

Today's Blue Plate Specials!

QVC: Today's Special Value

Item# A82483

Nature's Code Omega-3 Fish Oil w/EPA & DHA

  • 90-day supply of 180 softgels for $16.32
  • Can be set up for auto-delivery.
  • Sorry, no easy pay on this one ... good grief, it's only $16.32!

What They Say: What is it: A nutritional supplement containing 1200mg of concentrated fish oil with 360mg of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which have been shown to help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.Who is it for: Anyone who wants to help protect and maintain their cardiovascular health and lead a healthy lifestyle, including current coronary patients as well as those at risk for heart disease.Why is it different: These softgels deliver a mega-dose of nutrients that would be near-impossible to achieve through diet alone. In fact, you would need to eat over 11 cans of chunk light tuna per week to match the amount of omega-3 received from simply taking two gels daily.Regularly tested for strength and purity, the fish oil used in these supplements is free of detectable levels of mercury. Plus, the pina colada-scented enteric coating protects each gel until it reaches your lower intestine, reducing fishy odor, taste, and aftertaste while increasing absorption.How do I use it: Take one softgel twice a day with a full glass of water.

What Queen Bea Says: Not exactly a glamorous TSV! Hard to put the Lisa Robertson patented "old money-Madison Avenue" spin job on this one. However, if you hate fish and seafood with a fiery passion like I do and also have the family history of heart disease that I was blessed with, this is a much needed product. Most of the reviews I read were positive, but there were a few nasty fish burps along the way. Honestly, I don't think that you can make a fish oil product and not have some nay-sayers--we are talking about fish oil after all.

HSN: Today's Special

Item# 324-986

3.8ct Absolute™ Round Set of 2 Bangle Bracelets
  • $69.00 for a set of two bangles.
  • Two Flexpays of $34.95.
  • Choice of 7" or 8" size in either silver or vermeil.

What They Say: "X" marks the superior elegance of this Absolute Round Set of 2 Bangle Bracelets. Gleaming with an icy sparkle, these bangle bracelets each boast a row of channel-set, round Absolute simulated diamonds (approx. 3mm) across the top. "X"-shaped designs at each end of the row add a sophisticated touch to the feminine piece. Wear these bangles together for a luxurious layered look, or wear one alone for a contemporary, chic appearance.

What Queen Bea Says: I loves me some fake diamonds! This, however, is not my favorite. The channel setting is nice since prongs snag everything but money and men, but I don't like the little X's on the sides--just seems to cheapen the look. Plus, when you wear two of them, you definitely aren't going for the "look of real." You might luck out and score one diamond bangle, but you sure as heck aren't going to buy two exactly alike. They should have made them different for a more real look.

Part of this is my personal dislike of bangles. I love the look and the cool clanky sound they make, but I have the worst time navigating throughout the day while wearing bangles. I bang them into everything (hence the name, huh? Never thought about it before!) and rack up alot of damage points. For this reason, I will only buy super cheap bangles ... as in clearance at Wal-Mart cheap. But if you fair better than me with bangles and aren't particularly looking for this to pass as "real" (I personally don't think that all of it has to, but some are very persnickety about that), this could be fun to wear in the summer with a cute little sleeveless top. I certainly don't have the arms for that look, but if you are so blessed , then more power to you. And I am sooooo jealous!

ShopNBC: Our Top Value

Item# J306849

Sterling Silver Gemstone Choice Heart-Shaped Pendant & Ring Set

  • Both the pendant and the ring for $138.42.
  • Three value pays of 46.14.
  • Choice of red jasper, labradorite, or tiger eye.

What They Say: Highlight your look with this luminous pair! This distinctive duo features a romantic heart-shaped pendant with a contrasting oval-shaped ring. Both of these stunning pieces are crafted from polished sterling silver and are available in your choice of red jasper, labradorite or tiger eye.
Gemstone Choices:
Red Jasper ring and pendant with garnet accent stone in pendant
Labradorite ring and pendant with permanent irradiated Swiss blue topaz accent stone in pendant
Tiger Eye ring and pendant with citrine accent stone in pendant

What Queen Bea Says: These are some big mamer jammers! Wow! The pendant measures 2-9/16"L x 1-9/16"W with carat weights between 170 and 223. This is not for the shy or faint of heart. The ring measures 1-9/16"L x 13/16"W and has a setting height of 1/4" with carat weights between 32 and 41 carats. So this would not be an everyday type of ring for most people. It is a statement ring, which, to me means that the rest of the outfit has to work around the ring as opposed to the usual way of looking at accessories as complimenting the outfit. However, even though these pieces are huge, they are clean. Not lots of frills and crazy designs. I think that balances out the size. Also, the Offerings collection is know for their goddess faces and other unique designs that might be too much for some people. This could be a great way to try out the collection. I personally have never bought anything from Offerings, but not because I don't like their jewelry. I just haven't been about to settle on something. Right now I'm leaning towards getting a really big Druzy piece because this Queen loves to sparkle!

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