Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lisa Robertson: Miss Resaca Beach Poster Girl 1988

By now, we all know that QVC host Lisa Robertson got her start on the pageant circuit, winning the Miss Tennessee and Pearl Princess titles. However, she also competed in a lesser-known pageant: the Miss Resaca Beach Poster Girl Contest.

I know it looks like a seedy contest held in the backroom of a seedy bar, but the prize was nothing to sneeze at. The winner got to represent the sponsor at events nationwide, get $5,000 in cash, a one-week expense-paid vacation with $1,000 in spending money, a year’s worth of hair care products, and, of course, you get your own professionally produced swimsuit poster. Maybe that’s not much compared to current estimates of Lisa’s net worth, but back then it would have been a windfall.

Calhoun Times - June 1, 1988

In 1983, Marla Maples, who went on to become one of Donald Trumps many beauty pageant wives, was the first winner of the contest. Lisa was the runner-up in 1987 and the winner in 1988. Guess who was one of the judges? Marla Maples.

Even if you don't click on any other links, make sure you check out Lisa's page on the Miss Resaca Beach website. It's worth it for the huge eighties hair alone! Tease it to Jesus, girl!!!

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