Monday, June 14, 2010

HSN Launching New Shopping Channel HSN2

Because we all need an extra helping of home shopping pie, HSN is launching HSN2.

HSN2 will be another 24-hour shopping channel offering "a curated assortment of encore airings of HSN's must-see shows, products, brands and personalities." Does this just mean re-runs? Like a bunch of You Tube videos cobbled together?

According to HSN:
For the first several months, the channel will focus on feedback from HSN2 viewers and customers and respond accordingly.

Programming for the new channel, which will be either complementary or counter to the programming on HSN, will be developed in unique and different ways to excite customers. The channel will also serve as a platform to test different ideas and develop new business opportunities for the company.
So basically they're gonna throw a bunch of spaghetti noodles on the wall and see what sticks. Perhaps they should try to offer something different that customers wouldn't expect to find on a home shopping channel--unique items from up-and-coming designers. Obviously they wouldn't want to waste HSN air time on unknowns (dollars per minute, y'all!), but they could certainly afford to take some risks on their little sister channel. Why not? There's already some smaller boutique-style home shopping networks like EmVee TV and Indie Shop nipping at their heels.

QVC tried this with The Fashion Channel and with Q2 with less-than-stellar results. And didn't HSN try this already with the "Television Shopping Mall?" What is going to make HSN2 different than all the other spin-off flops?

HSN2 will premiere on August 1 on DISH Network


  1. CupCaked, always with credit card in handJune 14, 2010 at 12:30 PM

    "... will be developed in unique and different ways to excite customers."

    I don't need to be any more "excited" than when I try to order something that is either sold out or on back order. Why doesn't HSN just improve what they already have (HSN) before trying out other venues? As you said, Queen Bee, others have tried this and have not been very successful. I personally don't want more of the same. I want something different. THEN, I'll shop! I guess we'll see.

  2. Anyone remember "America"s Store"? That was their sister channel. They let all of those people go and now they want to try it again?

  3. Yes, why should it work this time? America's Store was great, and also Spree (the predecessor to America's Store?) Well, no Dish network for me, so will rely on you, dear Queen Bea, for the scoop!

  4. HSN can and will not take care of the customer's they have now?? They allow some of their worker's at Customer Service to work out of their home. With your personal information. They should open up a customer service office that takes care of customers properly and fairly. That makes more sense. But, If HSN took care of the consumers then I guess they might not have enough money to run HSN2. Well No Surprise HSN picks nonsense instead of common business sense!

  5. I just purchased my first item (ever) and realized the channel I was viewing was HSN 2.
    They were screaming they had 400 of the color I wanted and when I called they had only one color. The girl taking my order could have cared less. I probably won't do this again. Bad first experience is never good.

  6. I'm absolutely heartbroken!! Why would I want to watch prerecorded items. I love seeing the host live. I'm not a cable subscriber. This is beyond depressing. I love watching Heidi Daus live and YBF. I deleted the channel it hurts to see the words previously recorded.


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