Thursday, June 10, 2010

ShopNBC Host Wendi Russo Crowned Mrs. Minnesota

Corrado and Wendi Russo

Hot on the heels of being crowned Mrs. Minnesota America 2008, ShopNBC host Wendi Russo was recently crowned Mrs. Minnesota United States 2010.

According to the Mrs. Minnesota website:
Wendi Russo is the first woman to be crowned Mrs. Minnesota United States during its May 22, 2010 pageant in Lakeville, Minnesota. The Mrs. Minnesota United States pageant has not been held in the state for over a decade but has recently been acquired by Future Productions. The Mrs. Unites States pageant celebrates the accomplished married women of Minnesota in their careers, their marriages and contributions to their communities.
"I'm so proud to be the new titleholder for the Mrs. Minnesota United States Pageant. Co-Directors, Craig Heitkamp and Denise Wallace are highly respected in the pageant industry for being professional and kind. I am thrilled and honored to be a part of their family, representing Teens, Miss and now the Married women of Minnesota."
As a television hostess with Shop NBC, the premiere lifestyle shopping network, Wendi presents a large range of products, helping her viewers look and feel their best with the latest skincare, cosmetics, jewelry & fashion. A graduate from the University of Vermont with a degree in Business Administration; UCLA with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and an Accredited Jewelry professional with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Wendi was recently accepted into Bilmore's Who's Who Among Business Professionals.
Wendi has worked with a multitude of charities with a bent towards children, but her true passion is Mentoring. Wendi has dedicated her time to mentoring young girls on a one-on-one basis for over 10 years and plans to use her title to promote awareness of the enormous need for mentors for at-risk children through her appearances, speaking engagements and local media outlets. Growing up in a single parent home, Wendi knows first hand the importance a caring adult can make in a child's life.
"I've had mentors throughout my life and they are the ones who have believed in me and supported my dreams. They helped me become the person I am today and that's why I mentor--I know what a difference it can make."
An alumni and mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters and a mentor, speaker and Ambassador for Kinship of Greater Minneapolis, a Christian Mentoring organization, Wendi has inspired hundreds to consider becoming mentors. Wendi is currently mentoring two young girls through ACES,( Atheletes Committed to Educating Students), an after school mentoring program that helps close the achievement gap by engaging inner- city youth in learning and service.
Wendi has been married for six years to Corrado Russo, a contractor in Eden Prairie, whom she met on her trip to the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Wendi has a beautiful 5-year old daughter and says her family is her "greatest achievement."
Check out Wendi's pictures here and keep tabs on her official appearances here.



  1. OMG! Wendi has become a serial pageant queen!

  2. Who cares?

  3. Her husband is a babe. Did he marry her for a green card?

  4. "Her husband is a babe. Did he marry her for a green card? "

    With a name like "Corrado Russo" he's probably originally from I'd advise you to be "nice" to him.

    And show some respect for the missus.

    (Anybody want some gelato? My treat!)

  5. Wendi is a joy to watch on SNBC, as witty and nice as she is beautiful. I hope SNBC appreciates her, because she is possibly the best host they have. (And yes, her husband is quite a doll!) Q.C.

  6. Her husband is extremely handsome but if you looked at her pictures that the Queen links to, and you think that he married her for a green card, you're living in catty denial land. She's gorgeous and she's got a better figure than many 20 yo's. Especially 20 yo's these days.

  7. I love watching Wendi, she's great at selling fashions (one of my favorite purchases on ShopNBC). I can always count on her to point out certain details about an item, while other hosts seem to try to be stand-up comments or make stupid self-deprecating comments, that have grown old and tired. She has a great personality and a fabulous bod!!

  8. When have you ever saw a hot Snowflake! ! Stop being a haters.


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