Monday, May 3, 2010

QVC Host Antonella Nester, Made in Italy

If you're a fan of QVC host Antonella Nester like I am, you need to check out the inspiring interview that she recently gave to her hometown paper, the Harrisburg Patriot-News.

Antonella tells the tale of how--with just an amateur video audition tape and a dream--she was able to become a host on one of the world's largest home shopping channels without a shred of experience in sales or television. How's that for determination?

She also reminisces about how her family came to this country:
Nester’s family — mom, a seamstress; dad, a barber; and three sisters — came to the United States from a town about four hours outside of Rome in southern Italy. Nester’s mother was pregnant with her at the time; the family stayed with Nester’s grandfather in Harrisburg. Her dad’s lifelong dream was to come to America, she says.

“I was made in Italy,” she cracks, “but born in the U.S.A.”

The family lived on North 17th Street in Harrisburg until Nester was 4.
“My mom and dad on Sundays (would) go driving around looking at churches,” she said. “So they saw this pink dogwood tree in front of this house, and my mom had to have it — it wasn’t even for sale.

“My dad goes up to the door, in his Italian accent, and he says, ‘My wife really likes your house,’ and (the owner says), ‘We were just going to put a for-sale sign up.’ All over a dogwood tree,” she recalls. Her parents still live in the house in New Cumberland.
Read the full interview at It's worth the read!


  1. Good Lord, I love Antonella! Is it just me, or does it look like she's lost some weight? I hope she doesn't lose too much, because I love her just the way she is!!!

  2. She DOES look a bit thinner, but not so much that she looks different, just better. And yes, she *is* one of my all-time faves at QVC, and I've been watching a looooong time.

  3. Thought I heard she was sick, not sure with what.
    Hope she will be okay.

  4. Thanks for the very nice post!

  5. Out of all the QVC hosts, Antonella is the BEST to watch, She is soo enjoyable and REAL! I absolutely love her!

  6. I love Antonella! I am always so proud when I see another Italian so proud of her own roots. She is real, unassuming and so much fun...I want to bake her a cheesecake and have her visit!...She is exactly what I want in a best you sweetie so does hubby and he "hates everbvody", just kidding...God Bless you, stay well.

  7. Just watched yo on Silver Style - I always get a kick out of you. You seem soooo genuine and always have that great big smile so anyone who wasn't feeling happy is instantly feeling better thanx to you. A QVC fan of yours!

  8. I just love Antonette, she is so Italian and the prettiest host ever – she brightens up the show and she is so knowledgeable. I’m wondering why she does not present the shows from Italy, although Lisa Roberts does a good job, I would think Antonette would do an awesome job being the Italian host and she knows the language and culture.

  9. can anyone tell me what happened to antonette. i dont see her on qvc. she was made me smile when i was down. she has a beautiful personital.

  10. Is or is not Antonella still on qvc. Please just answer the question. Thanks

    1. yes,where is Antonella ? Love her and miss her.Thanks

  11. I guess Antonella left QVC ... Boooo

  12. Antonella is on QVC regularly She is back

  13. Why does Antonella always sit down when she hosts on QVC?

  14. Love Antonella! I didn't know she was from Harrisburg....New Cumberland area. I grew up in Camp Hill right next door! She is always smiling and had such a great personality!


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