Monday, May 3, 2010

All Male Review Coming to HSN

Depending on your point of view, pick one: 
Don't worry, this video is safe for all audiences!
I'm sorry, this video is safe for all audiences!

Home shopping is full of half-naked ladies parading around in lingerie. Rhonda Shear has her "Ahh" Bras and Panty Raids ... Dr. Rey reshapes and fondles all his models with the overflowing cups ... but where-oh-where is the eye candy for the ladies?

But fear not! There's a rumbling sound rolling through home shopping land. The tanned, waxed, and buff hunks of the Thunder from Down Under all male review at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas will be bringing their Aussie Ab fitness routine to HSN May 22. Wouldn't it be awesome if HSN brought out Adrienne Arpel to slap on their makeup (and I do mean slap!)

As Cartman would say, "Beefcake!"


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