Saturday, May 1, 2010

Joan Rivers is Some Piece of Work

Joan Rivers' new documentary “A Piece of Work” just debuted at Sundance. In order to show the reality of what is takes to stay on top in a merciless industry, the QVC Queen of Comedy granted a camera crew full access to her life for a year. Although I’m just dying to see what life is like behind-the-scenes for my favorite foul-mouthed comedian, it’s not scheduled to show at a movie theater near me any time soon.

Until I get the pleasure of seeing the movie for myself, I’ll defer to my favorite critic Roger Ebert (and if you aren’t already following him on Twitter, you should be!)
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work If ever a movie has an accurate title, this is the movie. Joan Rivers gave the filmmakers access to her life for a year, she was frank, open and honest, and the result is one of the most truthful documentaries about show business I've seen. Also maybe the funniest.

… Rivers is 75, something she repeats several times, and at 67 myself I know it sounds condescending to say she hasn't lost a beat, but she hasn't. She remains one of the most transgressive and fearless of comedians, and one of the quickest, fastest and most merciless. The doc shows a life force of formidable energy. In one stretch she closes a show in Toronto, flies overnight to Palm Springs, does a gig, flies overnight immediately back to Minneapolis, and performs another one. She's upfront about plastic surgery, her husband Edgar, her daughter Melissa, and how after she left as Johnny Carson's permanent guest host he never spoke to her again and she was blackballed by NBC until last year. In the Q&A session Rivers gave her opinion of the Leno/Conan/NBC matter: "Fuck 'em all." Urgent to MSNBC: Feature this woman as a guest commentator and crawl under your desks.

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  1. gotta love Joan. I watch her just because you NEVER know what she is going to say!

  2. I agree with Joan's opinion of Leno/Conan/NBC. ;) With age comes wisdom.

  3. She's my favorite. I was interviewed for this movie and I also provided some photographs to be used. Watch for my name in the credits! I'm planning a big party here in Minneapolis.

  4. You ask, how did Joan Rivers get so rich? Honesty , brilliance, & wit make the woman a legend (or according to her semi) lol!

  5. I’ve been hearing nothing but great reviews on this. I saw on Indiewire last week that named it one of the 25 must see films for this summer. I know it’s coming out in New York but does anyone know of anywhere else it’s playing?

  6. Joan Rivers is survivin’ with a smile. I really admire her buyouancy with all she’s been through, her doc comes out today in Hollywood!! I can’t wait to go see it!

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