Saturday, May 8, 2010

Doris Dalton Apologizes for Offensive Language

During Friday Night Beauty with Lisa Robertson, beauty vendor Doris Dalton used the word "retard" during the presentation. Needless to say, many viewers were taken aback, if not offended completely.

We all say things from time to time that we wish we could take back and I'm assuming that her intent was not to insult people with mental disabilities, so I'm not going to pile on.

Doris issued a written apology that QVC posted on their website:
It is with sincere and heartfelt apologies that I am writing this. Regrettably, last evening I used a term during my presentation that would be considered incredibly hurtful to certain individuals. It was never my intent to deliberately harm or offend anyone. I am however, personally responsible for my own actions and words, and it should not have been said. I am deeply saddened by the fact that anyone would suffer any ill feelings by something that I would say, and for this I am truly sorry. I hope that you find it in your hearts to forgive me.
If you are interested in how Doris was able to build up her cosmetics business, watch her recent interview on Mary Talks Money.

On a side note, did you catch Lisa's "I Dream of Jeannie" hair last night???


  1. Did I miss something, was I not paying attention? I watched Doris' shows over the weekend and did not hear the offending comment. I know sometimes she gets a bit to flippant, so I can understand this happening, but somebody must have been listening with a CIA "bug" to catch this one.

  2. Those injected lips look like a duck

  3. Doris Dalton your injected lips look like a duck

  4. Did your mother ever tell you if you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all????

  5. Isn't it so amazing that this being the FREE country that it is, with freedom of speech being one of our many rights, there are lately soooo many many words that we cannot say??? Esp if we are caucasian, we can say even less than others can. How did we all just get so super sensitive???? Why can't we just let slips of the tongue go by, and forget about it, but no, we must make major headines of it all.

  6. QVC has violated more than Air space with their constant lying and selling of faulty product! We should ask how can these home shopping networks LIE SELL BAD PRODUCT INTHIS COUNTRY AND GET AWAY WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. QVC is my favorite shopping channel! They carry the most amazing Makeup Products on television with the most amazing deals! Doris Dalton is an amazing Women. I can't believe people would make such a big deal over the word retard,But not a big deal over the offensive Music,and television programming we have!GROW UP PEOPLE!

  8. I know Doris personally, and there's no way she would have said anything to offend. She's really a great lady and funny too. Think it was just a slip of the tongue. Nothing meant to hurt anyone.

  9. I know Doris personally too and I know there is nothing genuine or sincere in her so-called apology here. I can easily affirm that i have personally over the years seen her lie, cheat, and steal. And I can honestly say that "Her Story" about developing her cosmetics is because of her great compassion, love & understanding for cancer victims and to help them is rubbish ... it's all about self gain for Doris and the money. She would walk on and over anybody to get it .... this I know for sure!

  10. Ah, Doris, your retard can keep company with Paula Deen's n****r. Y'aaawl.


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