Monday, May 17, 2010

Bob Bowersox has the Write Stuff

So what has Bob been up to since he was so suddenly booted out of the Q kitchen last Christmas?

The Renaissance Man himself, Bob Bowersox, is currently working as an actor, director, and playwright at the People's Theater of Key West and the Red Barn Theatre. Most recently playing Juror #8 in 12 "Angry Men."

Bob is also facilitating a screenwriting workshop, and according to the Miami Art Guide, one of the plays he penned will be featured in the New Plays in May series at the Waterfront Playhouse.
This year's series will feature staged readings of three original scripts from Key's playwrights. “Going Again” by Bob Bowersox and “Fortune Cookie” by Mike Tomes will appear May 19th and “Poof” by Josh Kaplan will appear May 26th. Audience feedback to playwright, director and cast after each reading is desired.
“Going Again” is a comedic assembly line of Travelers checking in with Facilitators on their way from one life to the next. Questions of life and death are a common theme for Bowersox, a resident of Key West who has written numerous scripts for both stage and screen.
I keep reading rumors that Bob has a restaurant too, but how could he run a restaurant and do all this?


  1. HOORAY for Bob, this is his Revenge against QVC. May he enjoy the heck out of Key West and doing what he apparently loves best. Live Long and Prosper, Bob !!

  2. Juror #8 is the lead in 12 ANGRY MEN. Bob is following the footsteps of Henry Fonda (1957) and Jack Lemmon(1997).

    Playing the strong, tall, everyman hero....way to go Bob!

  3. So the Renaissance Man has returned to his roots. Break a leg Bob!

  4. I still don't understand what this guy could have done to get fired. Did he hold up a skillet wrong or something? How does a guy stay on the air for 25 years and then WHOOSH?

  5. CupCaked, wondering, tooMay 31, 2010 at 1:44 PM

    I still maintain that Bob did something overtly criminal in his behavior that could not be (or no longer be) tolerated at the channel. Maybe harassment, sexual or otherwise? Maybe he was stealing Cook's Essentials pans and QVC found him out?

  6. only the qvc employees know the dirt maybe someday it will come out sure it will

  7. It's sad that people want to imagine nefarious reasons for Bob being let go.

    They seem to overlook the fact that the country has been in a recesssion for the past several years, and that QVC was cutting costs like crazy at the time Bob went. If they were canning low-paid customer service reps, wouldn't it stand to reason that they would also ditch someone who was probably being paid a small fortune?

    But hey, why look at a business decision made by a company as being something based on profits and survival of the corporation when it's more entertaining to fantasize that the real world operates like a storyline from Erica Kane on All My Children?


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