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Get Out the Door with Mommy Makeup

Have you ever tried to apply eyeliner with one baby screaming in the crib and the other frantically climbing up your leg?

After becoming a mom, New York City makeup artist Debra Rubin-Roberts realized that if she ever hoped to wear makeup again, she was going to have to re-think her entire makeup routine. Debra simplified the process by cutting out as many time-consuming steps as possible and focusing on a few multi-tasking products. She is also debuting her Mommy Makeup collection on ShopNBC this month. And that’s where I come in! This is Queen Bea’s review of Mommy Makeup’s “Out the Door Kit”:

What’s in the kit?
Mineral Dual Powder with SPF 15 in Lullaby
Small Kabuki Brush
Any Wear Crème in Twinkle

Just so you know where I’m coming from, I have very dry, sensitive, roseacea-prone skin--sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Anyway, since the makeup did not cause a rosacea flare up, I was able to give it a good trial run before I reviewed it.

The Mineral Dual Powder is a pressed mineral makeup. Unlike other mineral makeups, this one is in a compact instead of loose in a jar, so it’s not as messy. Per the instructions, I used the kabuki brush to buff the makeup all over my face. The kabuki brush picked up the product nicely and the bristles did not fall out like some others I have tried. There is also a foam pad included in the compact, but I don't recommend using that. The coverage is sheer, but buildable. However, I found it easier to add extra coverage to red areas first using my own small flat brush for application, allowing me to use less makeup on the rest of my face. The finish is not matte, but more luminescent and I did not notice the makeup settling into fine lines. I also checked the side of my nose, where my pores are the worst, and there wasn't any of that horrible “swiss cheese” look that some makeups cause.

The Any Wear Crème comes in a teeny, tiny jar, but that little jar will probably last forever. This product is extremely thick and pigment dense—trust me, you do not need much! The consistency is very similar to gel eyeliners. The idea of Any Wear is that you can use it anywhere—eye shadow, blush, and lips. The Twinkle color is a nude bronze with sparkle. If you don’t like sparkle, this is not for you. Honestly, with a name like Twinkle, what do you expect?

As eye shadow - Application is simple; you just smear a little on your eyelid with your finger. Depending on how much you use, the coverage can be completely sheer or opaque. However, I felt like I had to let my finger sit in the pot for a few seconds in order for the product melt a little. Probably a makeup brush would have helped to get the product out more easily. Once I got it on my lids, the eye shadow did not budge all day. In fact, I passed out and slept in it (don’t judge!) and it was still there in the morning. The next day, using my own brush, I decided to try it as an eyeliner. Once again, it went on smooth and lasted all day.

As a blush – Because this product is so dense and my skin is so sensitive, I had trouble spreading the Any Wear Crème on my skin without causing my cheeks to get all red and blotchy. You do have to work to spread it around evenly. On a positive note, I did like the highlight it gave my cheekbone.

As a lipstick - The first time I put this on as lipstick, I applied waaaay too much and my lips looked horrible! The next time I tried it, I just dabbed on just a tiny amount with my finger. Apparently, that's all you need. My lips looked so much better. They were a very subtle nude color, but due to the matte finish, I thought it looked best with just a little soft gloss on top. Keep in mind that Any Wear doesn't have the same staying power as a lip product as it does as an eye shadow and a blush.

Overall, the Mommy Makeup “Out the Door” kit gives you a very understated but iridescent look in not much time. If you hate sparkle, this probably isn't for you--not that I looked like a thirteen-year-old going to a Justin Bieber concert or anything! With the addition of some gloss and mascara, the “Out the Door Collection” could actually get you out the door quickly.

Mommy Makeup will debut on ShopNBC 5/20/10 at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. EDT.

You can find Mommy Makeup:
You Tube:

This product was provided for the purpose of review.

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