Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Paula Deen Sued Again, Y'all!

We all know that Paula Deen looooves her some butter. But all that butter might be making Paula a little too big for her britches!

Paula is being sued trademark infringement for selling her Butter Bell Crock on QVC under the "Butter Bell" trademark name.

L. Tremain Inc., the company suing for trademark infringement of their "Butter Bell" name, even sells its products through food Network and Paula'a own magazine. They allege that Paula only started calling her crock product "Butter Bell" after the company refused to work with her in creating a Butter Bell product that featured the Paula Deen logo.

This latest lawsuit comes right on the heels of another lawsuit with Celebrity Chef Tours. Paula sued CCT for non-payment of a $150,000 deposit check and defamation. In response, CCT filed a counter suit alleing that Paula not only failed to promote the 10-city tour, but that she also used language on stage that was "not family friendly" and that the promotional videos that Paula produced were "loaded with profanity and sexual innuendo."

I have to wonder if all this Paula or if she has surrounded herself with bad, greedy people. I used to love watching Paula. Yes, she was a little over-the-top, but that's what made her fun (Well, that and the deep fried double bacon cheese burgers with doughnuts for buns!)  But lately she just seems like she's willing to slap her name on anything for a buck.


  1. I do not like Paula and I never will. What a pig !! I hope she goes off the air permanently, both on QVC and on any food shows. She may be Southern, but she is NO lady. The real Paula Deen is who we are seeing now, and she is repulsive.

  2. Even though I like Paula, she has fast become the Thomas Kinkade of the new decade - her name is over-licensed and the products are generally made in China of low-end quality but not low-end prices. Rachael Ray is quite similar, but her merchandise (except the knives) is a much higher quality.

  3. Paula Deen is DISGUSTING !

  4. I used to love Pauler but she is getting more and more greedy with the products..she has became a "cream" cheesy actress with all of her southern "charm".

  5. I have been a Paula Deen fan for quite sometime, even taking the Paula Deen tour in Savannah a few years back. But I have to admit that I find her trashy talk and sexual innuendos (so evident during Paula's Party), that I find it uncomfortable to watch her anymore (unless Bobby or Jamie is on - then "Yum").

  6. She needs to go away, her fifteen minutes are up.

  7. Girls I think there is room for everyone in the market place today. At least Paula values her family and includes them in her business and daily life. I think she is fun and I admire her passion. For real trash tune into almost any TV ad or show geared for teens.

  8. Dont like her... easy dont watch her. Ya all like her than watch her. Thats the great thing about our country. The freedom of choice. Just because you personally dont like her dosnt mean she should go away because there are many that do. Just change your channel and watch what you like that im sure there is someone that thinks that show should be off the air.

  9. Everytime a good show comes along, someone has to start tearing the person dow I have never heard her GUSS, HER so called SEXUAL TRIALS arenot heard bye everone.
    Before we make judgements on her,TAKE A LOOK INTHE MIRROR AND WHAT DO WE SEE?

  10. Sure hope QVC removes her. I've never cared for her, very transparent as being self indulgent and fake.


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