Saturday, May 2, 2009

Win Physician Endorsed Sunglasses!!!

I wear my sunglasses at night ...

This is gonna be a super quick little contest. Email or Tweet me your best, funniest, or most absurd home shopping-ism. I'll pick my favorite entry to win the shades and announce the winner tomorrow.

Since there has been a bit of an adjective shortage lately, we all need to pitch in and help! Click here for Queen Bea's old list of favorite home shopping-isms and here for a list from someone who should know! And if you need your list set to music, click here for Steve Bryant's musical rendition of silly things home shopping hosts say.

Send your emails to and your Tweets to @QueenBea. Have fun and be creative!

ETA: Your home shopping-ism doesn't have to be specific to these sunglasses. Any kind of home shopping-ism will do.

1 comment:

  1. oh my queen bea, who is the "someone who should know"??? please do tell - I seriously have no idea!!


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