Monday, May 4, 2009

Dave King Shows Off his Acting Chops

For all you loyal Dave King fans, here's a clip of him showing off his acting chops. Dave's also got a brand new website,, so be sure to check it out, y'all.

Love the pocket hankie and the bow tie. He's so cute!


  1. I never realized Dave was THAT Dave King on those Penn State football teams that I used watch kick Rutgers butt all over the place so many years ago! If that's the case....I'm sorry I for cursing at you from the stands in Giant's Stadium (or even in State College when we went on the road), Mr. King.

    All is forgiven!

    REALLY nice website....and having THE O"JAYS as intro music for a Philly based guy was a nice touch. He could have gone with HOW COULD I LET YOU GET AWAY by The Spinners (this one''s for you, QVC)

    That clip looks like it was from HACK, with David Morse and Andre Braugher, early 2000's...a good show that was given the Friday night Black Hole timeslot that caused it to die before getting its legs.

  2. This guy gay? I always got that vibe from him.

  3. ROFL! no, he's not gay!


  4. he's more convincing when he's laying on the cheese than when he's trying to be mr. serious gritty actor.


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