Tuesday, April 28, 2009

QVC Brings Back the Kirks Folly Fairyland Fantasy

After Kirks Folly was unceremoniously stripped of their glitz, glitter, and costumes during their last visit to QVC, the peasants revolted! Kirks Folly sans sets and half-naked male models is tantamount to a Jeanne Bice without her trademark headband. It just ain't fittin'! (If you need to catch up on the whole situation, check out Queen Bea's post about the controversial bare bones sets here.)

A gazillion message board complaints, letters to the QVC President, and a sprinkling of fairy dust magic later ... Fairyland in all its over-the-top glory is back!

Check out the great pictures posted by the Behind the Q Twitter (I told you all the cool kids were on Twitter! Join me!)


  1. OMG who buys this trash? I mean really? You couldn't give that shit to me.

  2. Lord, help us all......I have seen that disaster in person and it's a hot mess!

  3. That woman looks like she should be selling "French Ticklers"

    Kirks Folly? Sounds like a sex mag to me.

  4. Look how miserable that show host looks.

  5. Well, Kirks Folly without a shimmering fantasy set is like a fairy without her wings, or a day without fairy dust. All is right again with the heavens. I admit I have a couple pieces I bought at Nordstrom ages ago, when the line was made in America and nicely made at that. It's good, harmless fun, and the jewelry truly seems to bring joy and deep psychic fulfillment to many. And if nothing else, it's delightfully camp to the max. --Queen Celeste

    1. Well said. If you don't like it, change the channel.

  6. PS - Stevie Nicks wants her shaws back!

  7. I have a beautiful watch that was a gift...guts are French Movement.The bracelet consists of 2 griffins,1 fairy,1 hot air balloon,1 airplane propeller,1 bird,a sun and a scattering of stars.
    Serious piece of jewelry,substanstantial weight,with a Moon Phase dial & "signature" tag.

    I love all of the imagery of this piece(+ I think of hubby-airplane enthusiast)-I love watching the shows however never purchased anything because my husband thought it was too expensive and junky...UNTIL my watch-we are sooo impressed by the quality of workmanship of this watch and he doesn't buy just anything now the dilema-within reason "don't go overboard" where to start...
    **We discuss all purchases,saves grief later on when everyone agrees on expenditures... Necessities of life bills,food, etc. then leftovers (we can hope-how to spend or SAVE)

  8. Tuned in to watch saturday beauty an they did some close ups of patti reily she did not look well at all her eyes were sunken in and she kept biting down on her lips when the vendor was speaking very odd.

  9. Patti is a mixed up little girl.

  10. Both look lie they are ready to predict the horoscope, but nevertheless the story is really interesting.

  11. Kirk's Folly = overpriced crap from China! Without the music, glitter, glamour wardrobes etc all you have are some mighty ugly plastic gold-painted baubles designed by a 6 year old. Ugly, awkward lines, unfinished faces etc. Go to eBay, have a look at the junk: without the fairies on TV who wants to buy and wear $79-$94 ugly plastic pins when you can find real gemstones for much cheaper!? Really ladies! Look and think before you buy: what you pay for is the fantasie and it's free to replay on DVR!


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