Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kirks Folly Stripped

The Kirks Folly fans are in open revolt over the bare bones set during their most recent visit to QVC. If you aren't familiar with Kirks Folly, in a nutshell, it's a line of costume jewelry and accessories that revolves around faries and magic.

Kirks Folly is known for its over-the-top fairyland sets with costumed actors--faries, Captain Jack the pirate, those half-nekkid men in the picture (I have no idea what's going on there!) It's like a costume drama that sells stuff.

With no fairy dust, the shows just weren't the same.

Here's what Kirks Folly FairyGodmother, Jenniefer, had to say about the controversy:

Kirks Folly Sets and Magic

Greetings Girls,

Let me start by telling you that we are as unhappy as you are about these sets. Qvc has rebuilt all their sets and they want to keep a uniform feeling and branding of Qvc. I am fighting very hard to get our magical forest back but it feels like I am fighting City Hall!!!

We have always presented magical backgrounds and we feel pretty naked out there without our enchanted home. Trust me, this has nothing to do with us-we are dying to get our sparkle back.

We have also been approved for 3 shows and a live audience for our Anniversary in late April-however, we have to wait for the show schedule to come out to get an actual date and to make sure the studio audience set is free-so, we are working very hard to make it all happen When we get a date for the show and the live audience we will put together a Fairy Gathering at our hotel in West Chester with our usual cast of characters!!!

FairyGodmother is in there working for you girls.

I will get back to you if there is someone you can contact about the set situation.

Magic Always,


Hmmm ... does QVC need to shed their Fairyland skin in order to move forward and be relevant today or are they taking away all the camp and charm that made them who they are? I suppose the bottom line will ultimately decide the fate of this fairytale.

Be sure to check out these old photos from past Kirks Folly shows. You'll see some old familiar faces!


  1. JMHO, but I always thought those Kirk's Folly productions were *SO* over the top. I always thought poor Judy Crowel looked uncomfortable, even though she did her best and was the consummate professional on-air. I was never crazy about the jewelry, so maybe that's why I had no patience for the grand productions the Q put on. Now I see it was Jennifer's idea all along.

    Just too dang much fairy dust, if you ask me ;-)

  2. I have been at the Q with Kirk's Folly. They aired the hour before I was on. What a hot mess! It is pretty unbelievable to see live in person.

  3. I want to escape from the daily besiege of bad news on from 5-7 every evening. I'm not happy with QVC moving KF to the over nights nor I am I happy with the "new" sets. I see the naked sets only supressing sales. I've been in a KF studio audience show where even some of the audience members were decked out in glitz and glamor. Now that was fun!

  4. I always thought the KF atmosphere was a bit silly but it was in keeping w/ the theme of merchandise being sold & made everyone happy. Even though it was not "my thing," everyone has their own preferences. I can't imagine selling the stuff without some of the frou-frou sets to add glitz but one thing's for certain & that is change. Nothing stays forever....

  5. Jennifer,

    Lately all QVC thinks about is the mighty dollar, unfortunately what they don't understand is that your beautiful items don't show the same without the beautiful sets that you always had to show your products. I have been a QVC customer for over 20 years and for the past year all QVC thinks about themselves instead of their customers.

    I am sorry for the new QVC customers that they can't share what we always had before. Maybe it's time for QVC to start thinking about their customers instead of themselves. Because bottom line if customers are not happy they will loose in the long run.

    1. KF was by far the most cheaply-made junk I ever wasted my money on. Do not miss them.

  6. I am not a fan of the KF stuff, but I do admit the set's were nice.

    Over the top can be fun...


  7. I think the theme of the guys in the photo above is "Beastmaster..." I loved the star and his skimpy costume. I have DVDs of all the seasons it was on syndicated TV.

    I think KF should do live remote shows from Seaview, RI--especially in the Spring and Summer--if QVC won't let them do their fabulous productions in the studio. Just a thought.

  8. I love Kirks Folly Shows! It fun to watch and get your mind of all the bad stuff going on. Sabrina

  9. I would only buy an occasional piece of KF, but the shows are fun - yes over the top - but we need to escape from the current world situation. What's the harm? The hard core KF buyers love the sets. Must everything change in this volatile world?

  10. I noticed that the sets looked kind of pop art and spare. I don't care for them at all.
    More! The silver white tree during Xmas was not pretty, just dull.
    Don't enjoy the blah, spare and op art look.

  11. I have been with QVC from the beginning. I remember the first Kirks Folly show. I believe Jennifer was in a white shirt and black pants. Nothing sparkling or fancy. Love the shows now but can't be up at 2 a.m. in the morning. Terrible time for a show like that. Sometimes change is not good.

  12. The KF shows were good entertainment when I was up for the 2:00am-4:00am feedings with my babies. I kinda miss them for nostalgic reasons now.

  13. What not fairy dust anymore?! Im calling the pixi police

  14. If you are a KF get it...they teach us to never forget our inner child...nothing wrong with that!

  15. I always enjoyed the KF shows...over the top? A little. But, an insomniac's escape from the hard edges of the real world. And some of the jewelry was lovely. Fan or not, I think it's a shame to change something that was successful as it was. Ditto HSN...their overinflated living rooms, with the big honkin' faux fireplaces, and stuffy furniture, are NOT an improvement. Bring back the old sets, from early 2000. They were simple and sparse; clean and uncluttered. You got a good look at the fashions, or handbags, or jewelry...not some faux living room. Change is inevitable. Change can be good. Bit some things are fine the way they are, HSN and qvc. Listen to your viewers.

  16. I bet their sales dropped by 1000%! Without the fantasie, which loon would buy the overpriced crap they sell? I bet it doesn't last 2 month before the gold paint chips off tge plastic! Too much gold, no silver. Gold is fugs!

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