Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shopping Around ... More of the Same

Scott Barnes cosmetics has been discontinued after a relationship with investors soured. Right now his products are still on the QVC website. I wonder if they will go on clearance soon.

Check out this site for some cheap Iman purses. Instead of selling for over a hundred dollars like on HSN, you can get them for only thirty bucks. Now that is a globally chic price.

This blogger believes all those stars at the Golden Globes managed to stuff themselves into those form-fitting gowns without having a muffin top by using various Dr. "hands all over the models' boobs" Rey shapewear. I found him mildly entertaining on Dr. 90210, but he just skeeves me out on HSN. Those poor models. And while I love the award shows, they aren't the same without Joan on the red carpet.

How YesPilates got started on HSN and the patent battle that ensued.

The "Not Available on QVC" contest (not horrible, but probably NSFW).

Some advice on how to get your product on QVC, but I'm pretty sure that they just want to keep showing the same old stuff over and over and over again.

Website customer satisfaction ratings for the holiday season look good for the Q, which came in third behind Amazon and Netflix and ahead of Walmart. HSN, on the other hand, had the largest decline in satisfaction by dropping nine points and landing below industry satisfaction standards. If other customers had the bad customer service this blogger did, I’m not surprised.

Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN, was honored for her outstanding contributions to the fashion industry by the Fashion Scholarship Fund. HSN vendors, Iman and Patricia Fields, were presenters.

HSN has fired nine more people. This time in Virginia.

Not only are QVC customers in debt, so is QVC. Suze Orman would not approve. Where is their emergency fund?

MTV’s reality show “Run’s House” will feature some behind-the-scenes footage of Justine Simmons presenting her Brown Sugar jewelry line on HSN this season.

Tosca Reno, creator of the Eat-Clean Diet, is very excited that she was asked to be on the Q as a clean eating and cooking expert. What’s clean eating you ask? No sugar, white flour, alcohol, or processed foods. While I appreciate her passion for health, I couldn’t live like that and be happy. I’m curious to see how this type of eating will go over with the QVC audience or if it will be modified in some way. In any case, she changed her life around with her diet so kudos to Tosca!

Recently ousted ShopNBC host Kerry McNally quickly got a new gig as a traffic reporter. He must have seen this coming.

The It Cosmetics girls had a great time kicking off the new year on HSN.

Ever wonder what Christmas dinner would be like if it were catered by QVC? This lady did it and loved it. As much food as she bought, Yum-Yum Face David should have been her free gift!


  1. I've said it before.... I will say it again..... I love your Blog!!! All the behind the scenes dirt and news is GREAT!!


  2. Thanks QB for the update on Kerry- he was sensational on HSN and ShopNBC.

    He has fodder for the comedy act for YEARS with the stories he might be able to tell about behind the scenes antics at the shopper shows!

    I happened to like his snarky sense of humor...


  3. New update, facebook postings and Homeshoppingista note the layoff of both Charla Rines and Mike Davidson. Charla hooked me back to the old Value Vision days. SNBC what were you thinking? Charla could sell ice to a eskimo, so to speak; and they would keep it, isn't that what it's all about, those pesky returns don't make you any money.

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