Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Obsessed with Laura Geller

For all you Laura Geller fans (Queen Bea is raising her hand and frantically jumping up and down), you absolutely must watch this in-depth interview that Laura did with

The interview isn't about which baked product to use or the latest TSV kit, it's about Laura and her struggles to launch and grow her line while juggling her life as a single mom. She is very candid about her mistakes along the way--including being swindled out of a ton of money by a shady, embezzling bookkeeper, how she cried after her first product sold out on QVC, and how she needed a child even though she hadn't met that someone special just yet.

Laura is amazing and the interview provides a candid look into her life and her passions. At almost 30 minutes, it's a long interview, but it is worth the watch.

Click here to check it out.


  1. I learned Laura Geller's blush was worn by Michele Obama on her hubby's inauguration day, as noted by her son ... very cool!

    Nice interview :-)

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed Laura Geller's heart-warming interview. Her products are amazing. Each day, I look forward to new information and gossip that your great site supplies. Thanks

  3. thanks for this link, qb! and i'm now following samantha on twitter ;-P

    i absolutely love this interview.....laura is *exactly* as i would imagine she is in real life. she's the type of woman with whom i would love to sit down and share a bottle (or 2! :-) of wine. she's beautiful, she's smart, she's funny....a treasure!

    and was i the only person who imagined her "father's friend", the "retired businessman" as being anything but IN THE MAFIA! rofl!!



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