Monday, April 27, 2009

Joan Goes Nuclear!

If you haven't seen it already, you must watch the foul-mouthed fireworks fly!!!

Taking full advantage of all the free publicity she's getting today, Joan was on QVC early this morning and got an on-air call from fellow Celebrity Apprentice, Jesse James. He's the only remaining contestant left who Joan likes in the slightest. She thinks he's incredibly cool, talented, and loves that he has a two-legged dog and a three-legged dog (I have to admit, that last part kinda wins me over too).

According to her blog, now she's out for blood:

Now that all the other players that I adore are gone, I just want to win. It’s that simple. Brandeeee is silly and weak and believes whatever anyone says to her (as long as they say it slowly and with words that are no longer than two syllables). Clint is blinded by his own arrogance and cannot be a part of any team. And Annie is sooooo determined to win at any price and so she treats everyone as an opponent. People are not like a deck of playing cards. You can’t shuffle, play and discard your teammates just to pull a winning hand for yourself. Watch her…she plays life like it’s a poker game.

I want to beat them all but I want to do it without losing my integrity or having to lie, cheat or backstab. If I’m going down in flames, it will be honorably.

I guess that answers the question about whether or not she'll come back to the show.

BTW, you can vote on what Joan should wear on the finale of the show here.


  1. OMG, I missed it but what a F$@#@#%#G baby! lol

    Geez, some people need to grow up.

  2. The Apprentice (Celebrity or otherwise) is just not my cup of tea. I wish Joan well, though. She's little, but loud ;-)

  3. I saw it, it was ridiculous. I'm sure it makes for great TV, but their behavior was really childish. BTW Joan's twitter isn't there this morning. hmmmmm.

  4. I hope Melissa was sufficiently embarrassed at herself to quit her whining and temper tantrums. They were ganging up on her but she lost my sympathy by her behaviour. Joan used some 4 letter words all right, but her talking about the other contestants was over the top. She kept calling different ones a snake, or a whore, or stupid. I dont think thats funny in her stand up routines and certainly not on this show. Donald T needs a pie in the face for his note passing.

  5. Melissa is pathetic. How embarassing for her. A grown woman throwing a temper tantrum. Sore loser. Spoiled brat. Rotten. Humiliating. Her mother shouldn't stand by that behavior. Ridiculous.

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