Tuesday, April 28, 2009

HSN and the Pips

Gladys Knight's leaving
On that midnight train to HSN,
(leaving on a midnight train to HSN)
And she's goin' back
(goin' back to sell)
To sell her new jewelry line!

Gladys is working with The LaRoda Group and Robert Rose Jewelry to create The Gladys Knight Jewelry Line, which should be available in December 2009 in department stores and HSN.

According to Robert Rose, the collection is excptected to be an eco-friendly fashion jewelry line using "friendly elements like recycled glass, fair trade beads, and parts made from Tagua nuts (a sustainable rainforest crop often referred to as vegetable ivory)."

Says Ms. Gladys Knight, "My team and I were impressed with Gary Rose, CEO, Robert Rose Jewelry, and its family oriented organization as well as their mission to provide quality jewelry for the working woman and appeal to those who are just fashion forward. I am excited to work with a company that shares our ideas of creating natural products that are not only environmentally friendly, but also creates jobs. The affordable prices of the new line, along with quality and attention to family, is an unbeatable combination. I thank the Rose family for this opportunity."

Sounds cool. Plus I have always wanted to be a Pip!


  1. ANOTHER celebrity jewelry line?!? Please - niet meer, no más, отсутствие больше!

  2. Many celebrities try to climb the home shopping mountain, but few succeed. How many celebrity lines last more then a year???

  3. How's Paula Abdul doing?


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