Monday, March 23, 2009

Ron Maestri Wants Back on QVC

Former QVC host Ron Maestri wants back on the Q and has posted an audition tape on You Tube. Seems like everyone wants back on QVC after they leave, doesn't it?

Here's what Ron had to say about the tape:

Remember me? I was a QVC Program Host from 1996-1999 selected from over 5000 candidates in a nationwide talent search. I was living in Los Angeles at the time, producing/directing very successful national celebrity infomercials. Chosen "as a refreshing change for QVC" because of my out-going fun personality, I proudly joined the staff. My favorite shows to host (and most successful, if I do say so myself) were cook shows. Others included electronics (I sold 500 computer TSV's at 5AM; slam dunked a breadmaker TSV and kicked off a very successful presentation of a new steam/carpet cleaning machine).

In addition to cookware, I worked very closely with buyers for other product categories including fashion, gold, Diamonique, various around the house items, collectables and outdoor on-air presentations. I was the roving road warrior for "Extreme Shopping", QVC's breakout latenight series.

So why did I leave?

Times changed. Attitudes changed and it was for the best at that time.

Today, I've have come full circle and firmly believe I was meant to return once again to QVC, where I would stay for the rest of my career. I hope you and they would agree.

But whether it's me or someone else, just know that becoming a program host for QVC is the greatest privilege one could ever have.

Ron also worked on the short-lived QVC spin off, Q2, the Shop-At-Home Network, and the Gem Shopping Network, so this definitely ain't his first home shopping rodeo.

Steve Bryant, who worked with Ron at the Q and Shop-At-Home, wrote a glowing review of Ron on his website (there's also a goofy video of them doing a mock hurricane report for the weather channel).

Check out Ron's website here and scroll down to watch all the videos. There's a great one from QVC's Halloween special--and by great I mean high-quality QVC cheese! Love it!

Although I wish Ron the best, it seems to me that the Q has been trying desperately to woo the young, female viewers and has subsequently been hiring young, female hosts every chance they get. Is there a place for Ron or hosts like him at QVC today or has the terrain shifted too much over the last decade?


  1. I don't think i started shopping the Q or HSN until 200 or afterward so I don't remember Ron. But i watched some the clips you put on & he seems very lively, like a real character. I think he would do great. I like people w/ a sense of humor because it helps the time pass more quickly instead of dragging thru some shows. Also, I like a balance of male & female hosts; we all get tired of seeing the same people too much so it's nice to have a large rotation of folks.

  2. I never saw him before. But I love him. Love his energy! Hire him Q!

  3. Considering how all the new hosts on HSN are dropping like flies, they really need to hire him. He could hit the ground running!

  4. I emailed Ron and if you want to help get him back on the Q, you can email and make your opinion known.

  5. I think QVC will never take him back because of his connection to Steve Bryant. They both have too much integrity to tolerate the current QVC. Both guys were great hosts and could sell anything. QVC is a mess. Ron, try out at HSN or Shop NBC.

  6. I don't thinks so! Find it hadr to believe they ever had you on in the first place, sorry!

  7. I find it strange that Ron is still with HSN and they are keeping him despite his posting audition tapes to get back on the Q.
    Steve Bryant, he is a good reason to keep anyone at bay, the man is an idiot.

  8. He's as full of enthusiasm as he is full of Himself, and that apparently works for 'actors' who desperately wish they were working with Tom Hanks instead of fondue pots. But he does put the energy out there to sell, and afterall, it's the Selling that should keep him his job, right?


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