Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Real Housewives Need Maids!

Ramona Singer, a Real Housewife of NYC, is premiering her jewelry line tonight on HSN.

I would like to plead with you on her behalf to please ... if you can ... open up your hearts and your wallets to purchase a piece of her jewelry. These 9.21ct Gemstone and Diamond Sterling Silver Convertible Dangle Earrings are only $499.00! She's practically giving them away!

The recent downturn in the economy has hit her hard. Read about her heart-wrenching struggle in her own words, "What was hard for me was giving up my live-in maid five days a week," housewife Ramona Singer moaned.

... hold on a second. y'all while I try to compose myself ...

I'm sure she would never ask you herself or be demanding in any way. Hopefully, we can all pitch in and help Ramona get that live-in maid back. No one should have to suffer the indignity of cleaning a toilet--except maybe her maid.


  1. Holy cow, i could get Judith Ripka for way less than those prices. Her "t-shirts" are 50 bucks & didn't anyone tell her those dang rhinestones come off in the washer/dryer. The article you quote her from is just beyond belief - "it's important to go out to dinner." For some people these days, they're trying to figure out how to afford a dinner at home; it's almost insulting. I wish i could let my live-in maid go - that would be ME!!!! :~)

  2. Oh Puhleese. Do they include a CD of Ramona's whine and the "medications" she uses? The woman needs help. But what a better host to be with the alleged elite but Coleen. I suppose with Suzanne S. all but gone, Coleen needs something to do. I think the jewlery looks gawdy and fake at least on TV.

  3. rings are made in china

  4. Yeah, if she's a real housewife from NYC, then I'm the real Brad Pitt.


    QB...I said I was going to start an online novel. Well, I did. Two chapters so far, with another to be posted this weekend.

  5. Well after last nite, she can get her maid back cuz almost all her jewelry sold out!

  6. being married has nothing to do w/ being a housewife.

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