Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Night of the Living Rick!

Rick Domeier, whose last name I can never manage to spell correctly, spent years in the theater (Just like the new girl, Amy Stran. Perhaps thespians make good hosts?) and went on to do movies and the requisite stint on a soap opera or two. Check out Rick's resume on IMDB. And he goes by Richard, so don't think that you have the wrong page.

Anyway, aside from his hosting gig at the Q, Rick ... I mean, Richard ... is best known for playing Ed Getley in the 1987 horror flick, Evil Dead II. Oscar worthy? Perhaps not. But it's no small potatoes, y'all! Evil Dead II is ranked #32 on the top 50 Best Horror Titles of all time. There's even some fancy technical formula used to determine the rankings.

Check Rick duking it out with some sort of evil and/or dead critter. This probably isn't safe for work or safe for people who are generally squeamish.


  1. OMG OMG OMG!!! the flying eyeball!!! bwwahahahaha!!!


  2. Oh Bea, thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your tip! I will now be checking HSN daily! Hope to see you in Blogland. You have a fun place!

  3. too funny. except for the voice, took a bit to recognize... but heck, it's been a few years. thanks for sharing.


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