Thursday, March 5, 2009

HSN Host Takes a Tumble

Martha McCully, vendor rep for Lancaster beauty products on HSN, wrote an article For Huffington Post about the craziness that goes on behind the scenes.

The ins and outs of her experience being a vendor are interesting enough. However, the bit about the wheelchair? Well, now that's just downright funny! I swear I was LOL-ing until I was ROTFLMAO!

"My first trip to Tampa, home of the shopping channel, was like entering an alternative reality, Vegas-style. Where are the clocks? Why are people sleeping on the couch? All the snacks are insta-calories laced with MSG. The speed at which this 24/7 operation works is dizzying. In fact the hosts are often sped from studio to studio in wheelchairs pushed by the Production Assistants; it's faster than the scurrying in Broadcast News. I know of at least one who hit a cord and went flying, but she still made it on camera in time for her next promo."

This entire scenario brings three very important questions to mind:

1) Who was the host that went flying out of the wheelchair and fell on her face? Bobbi Ray? Colleen? Shannon? Every time I picture a different host, a new little bubble full of giggles floats to the surface.

2) Wheelchairs? Seriously? For reals? Can't HSN afford a scooter? Of course, they did just report a $2.9 billion loss, so maybe they actually can't.

3) How does one apply to be the host wheelchair pusher? Does the ideal candidate have a particular skill set or type of work experience?


  1. Oh my gosh, this is hilarious. They need the airport guy that has the tram for special assistance, he honks but slows down for no one!

  2. Now this is why I love your site .. I love it... a wheelchair - ha - can u imagine.. I will never be able to watch HSN without envisioning this.

    Thanks Queen I needed a good laugh !

  3. I feel sorry for the poor Production Assistant that has to push the host to the set, does someone then push him back to wherever he's needed or does he just push himself back? Lol! I'll be watching the hosts closer for tread marks now, you never know when one of them could take another spill! This is just to funny!

  4. The host that went flying was Shannon Smith - and it was the day she came back from surgery. With staples in her stomach no less! But, she was a trooper and was back on-air in a flash, smiling through the pain. Go Shannon!

  5. Shannon acts like she is on coke or meth

  6. Bobbi needs to stop making herself throw up to stay skinny, she is old and looks sickly her poor daughter is obese.

  7. I know she laughs entirely too dang much. Something seems wrong.


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