Thursday, March 19, 2009

QVC: Your Order Has Been Canceled

So, yeah, I went ahead and cancelled that waitlist order for the Luxury Bird Bath with Flower Planter & Solar Light. Mr. Queen Bea is just going to have to find a tricked-out bird feeder contraption somewhere else I'm afraid. The hassle and cost of returning it just made it not worth the risk. Oh, and emails like this that I received sort of tipped the balance ...

I to fell for the solar panel birdbath from QVC. Warning, warning, warning!!!!! My solar panel arrived cracked but I did FINALLY get in touch with the company to replace it. Yes, it worked for approximately 3 months. Then for some reason it quit working. The Q will not help you get any replacement parts and the company will not return emails or phone calls. Please, I warn you, CANCEL your order!!!!!! SAVE your money because it is TOO big and expensive to return!!!!!I now have a birdbath with stagnant water and the birds don't like it.

I haven't told Mr. Queen Bea yet. I might take one poster's advice and just tell him that the Q cancelled it. Poor guy ... all he wanted was a high-tech, suped-up, super-dooper cool bird feeder.

I'm also looking for a mattress topper of some kind--feather bed or memory foam. I want to be able to use my son's bottom bunk, which is a full-size mattress, as a guest bed for the in-laws; however, they have bad backs and need better support then my son's mattress will provide.

Are those Northern Nights featherbeds worth it? There are just sooo many of them and very little explanation about which one is good for which purpose. I'm kind of lost. I'm also not opposed to memory foam, but it's supposed to be hot and we are warm-blooded people.

BTW, when I received the email from QVC titled, "QVC: Your Order Has Been Canceled," the first thing that popped into my brain was that the Q likes to spell cancelled with one "L." I know both spellings are correct, but I'm a two-L girl myself. Google "cancelled canceled" for yourself. There's a war going on over this one!


  1. I am a 2 L girl myself. I also spell my name with 2 L's. Anyone who has the same name as me and only spells it with one is just wrong.

  2. Don't go with a feather bed if it is support you need. You will want to go with what is called a fiber bed. Got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond. The feather (or down) is comfy, but it smashes down and does not pop back up again. The fiber pops back up again, is nice and cool here in San Diego during the summer and is just as comfortable as the down ones I have slept on.

  3. I have queen size northern nights 5inch gussetted feather bed, looks alot like the picture above. don't buy it have had back surgeries and was looking for some relief, no good. feathers spread out past the chambers even though they say they won't and this thing is real heavy, needs to be fluffed often, too much of a hassle.

  4. I had a feather topper -- didn't work very well.

    I now have memory foam and LOVE it. It's warm and comforting -- yet, it supports the back and legs. If I had the money, I'd buy a full mattress of the stuff.

  5. Did you see today's TSV? It's a fountain!

  6. HEY What ever happened to Chesapeake Bay crab cakes? I ordered them at Christmas and they never arrived I got a refund but never saw them on QVC again??

  7. I've got the Northern Nights Uncrushable featherbeds on all my beds. My guests always rave about how comfy the guest bed is. When I travel, I MISS my featherbed. If you like that feeling of being able to nestle into a bed, then it's for you. Yes, even though it says it's "uncrushable", you still have to "fluff" it from time to time. But we have a king bed & I have no problems fluffing & flipping it when I change bed linens. And I have a bad back. So I totally recommend them.

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