Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gabby's New Do

QVC host Gabrielle Abiera recently got a dramatic hair cut. Maybe she just had long extensions before and decided to get rid of them. I don't know. I'm not always the best at spotting extensions, weaves, and wigs (of my!). Regardless of whether she chopped off real or fake hair, it's a huge change. What do think???

If you haven't already seen Gabrielle's recent extravagant wedding check it out here. She looks gorgeous!


  1. Gob-rielle looks like someone put a bowl over her head and cut around it. She needs some height and fluffing of her hair.

  2. Don't like the new haircut. Maybe if it had some movement, but it has none. It looks painted on. What was she thinking?!?

  3. Her wedding photographer is incredible!!!!

  4. "Her wedding photographer is incredible!!!!"

    Most professional wedding photos show the bride at her best. Too bad the studio cameras can't do that.

  5. That's a big thumbs down on her new do....

  6. Damn, the teeth in the ad up above look like Kate the talking horse's mouth.Who would want their teeth to look like that. Bad model for a teeth whitener add!!! LMAO

  7. New hairstyles come & go [grow :)] Her current do looks cute on her. Sometimes, it's trial and error before we get it right. Come on, it's only hair. We've all had a bad cut, color, perm, etc. Thank god it grows back. I'm glad she's found something that works for her.


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