Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gabby's Big Fat Greek Weding

QVC host Gabrielle Kerr, formerly Gabrielle Abiera, got hitched September 27th, 2008. And former QVC host Davinia Palmer recently posted a short video from the big day:

She also posted some behind-the-scenes footage from one of Gabrielle's photo shoots here. You can also check her out in her old job doing the traffic reports in Baltimore on Fox 45 morning news here.

Gabrielle has a cute wedding website where you can take a quick quiz about the happy couple--who like to call themselves Gabby and Juddy, check out the wedding party (Gabrielle's sister looks just like her!), leave a message in the online guest book, and find out what they are registered for.

Sadly, Gabby didn't register at the Q. She's more of a Crate and Barrel and Macy's kind of a girl. Although she did register for a Kitchen Aid blender and a Rowenta iron. That has to count for something!

Be sure to scroll through all the wedding pictures at the wedding photographers website (they aren't posted on her site yet). Just click on "Full Weddings" on the left hand side and then click on "Gabrielle and Judson." When I said this was a "big fat Greek wedding" I wasn't kidding. I can't even imagine how much money they spent on it--Wow!!! Very Madison Avenue!


  1. That's quite a shindig! I feel like an idiot because i don't even know her! Does she mostly work nights or something?

  2. She is so boring. How can he stand it?

  3. She puts me to sleep. Zero personality.

    1. I totally agree, I can't believe she is on the morning shows now. She comes across so unnatural boring boring interrupts the guests, can be overly excited when presenting products. She really is not cut out to be a hosts. I really don't know why the upper echelon put her on prime time

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  5. umm ok,Keep on dreamin there hope all that helped u out.maybe u should get some help for all that.sooo sad for u!!

  6. She is a very pretty girl, what a nice couple they make!

  7. And it looks like she's pregnant with a little girl who's due in January. Eons ago I emailed you asking if she was pregnant when she wasn't. Once I stopped putting her on baby watch, she ende up preggers! LOL

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