Thursday, March 12, 2009

And You Get a Free Car!

And you get a free car! ... And you get a free car! ... And you get a free car!

Ok, maybe Queen Bea isn't giving away free cars like Oprah, but I did just give away 3 of the 8 runner up prizes in the Lori Greiner Silver Safekeeper Giveaway! I just love giving away the store!!!

Cutie Christine chose this fashionable and practical Set of Three Purse Security Charms (H10131). Mr. Queen Bea is always paranoid that someone is going to steal my purse (cause I keep sooo much fat cash in there ... not!), so he would certainly approve.

Beautiful Brenda chose these decorative and safe Set of Three Botanical Flameless Candles (H09283). Considering that my curious and mentally challenged kitty likes to catch her tail on fire when I light real candles, I might want to consider going flameless myself.

Pretty Patsy chose the Seasonal Motif Silver Safekeeper (H03770). It might not be as big as the huge Grand Prize Silver Safekeeper, but you can't put the big daddy on your bedside table! Hmmm ... Lori, I think you need to do a bedside table Silver Safekeeper. I could store my jewelry, reading glasses, lotion, books, and ... ahem ... unmentionables. You could even put a little light in it ... just think about it.

Congratulations to all our winners so far. Remember, you still have a chance to win. I've got 5 more runner up prizes to give away and don't forget the big prize!

If you just can't wait, you can always find Lori's creations on QVC and some great clearance items on Lori's website. Check it out!

If you haven't already, enter the Queen Bea and Lori Greiner Silver Safekeeper Giveaway!!!


If your forbidden love is home shopping and you love all the latest dirt, then come on in ... Queen Bea is holding court!

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