Tuesday, February 24, 2009

QVC is Tightening it's Belt

QVC recently announced that they were taking more steps to reduce costs by eliminating merit raises for all employees and by reducing hours across the board for call and distribution center workers (equivalent to about one day a week). Right now, QVC is saying that this is a temporary program that they will reevaluate at the end of June. However, once they reassess the situation, the program could possibly end or it could get even bigger. Yikes.

A few months ago, QVC announced huge layoffs. I was not happy with what they were doing and how they were handling it (you can read my rant-filled post here). However, as much as it totally sucks to not get a well-deserved raise and have your hours cut, this is much preferable to firing more people. This feels more like a general tightening of the belt in order to get through this hard time together. I hope it works and QVC doesn't do another round of layoffs.

I have to wonder how customer service--something the Q has long prided themselves on--will suffer because of this.


  1. I, for one, buy 98% of everything I buy, from the Q.
    These down-turn economic times HAVE to affect everyone. Companies are going out of business every day (ones we never dreamed would fail). Now, we don't want that to happen to QVC. Please continue to shop with them. Their customer service and customer satisfaction are second to none.
    Have you shopped out there in the world? There's nothing out there for people who wear anything larger than a large size. Nothing. I have gorgeous clothes thanks to QVC.
    Support our good old AMERICAN company.

  2. It seems to me that if more people phoned in their orders instead of placing their orders online, that perhaps more phone operator jobs could be saved. Why would any company keep people if they don't have enough work for them?

    In terms of mail order catalogs, mailing out orders IMO, might save even more jobs. Think of all of the jobs that are needed if you place your order through the mail? Think of the mail order company that has the mail sorters, and data entry operators that are used to enter that order into their system.
    IMO, placing all orders online bypasses each and everyone of those jobs.

    I don't want to here anyone complain about QVC cutting jobs if those complainers are placing their orders online.

  3. QVC never geared up for an economic slow down like HSN did. QVC takes everyone for granted -employees, vendors and customers. When you are number one, there is only one direction to go and QVC is rolling downhill at a rapid pace. It's obvious that they are playing catch-up and HSN is just sailing along, safely and smoothly.

  4. QVC is full of CRAP! They are now reducing the amount of easy pay items that you can purchase. I was lied to so many times and they are discriminating now as well. So much more to say, but this issue is pending investigation.


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