Tuesday, February 24, 2009

QVC Bans Garment Measurements

QVC decided to no longer give garment measurements on air. Oh well. You didn't want your clothes to fit anyway, right?

According to Dan McDermott on the QVC's "At Your Service" blog. they decided to quit giving garment measurements because the most frequently stated reason for an apparel return was "the fit." QVC believes that using only the body dimensions sizing chart will help customers more accurately choose the correct size.

I do understand where they're coming from. Any woman who has gone clothing shopping even one time knows that you can't go by size on the label. Every designer and manufacturer has their own idea of what a size 8 is. Then you have to toss in vanity sizing, non-number sizing that lumps groups of sizes together (S/M/L), body type (you know, apple, pear, hourglass), style, fabrication, and how you prefer your clothes to fit, how big your butt looks in it, how well it hides your stomach ... well, needless to say, getting the right fit is more akin to alchemy than science.

QVC claims that all their vendors will adhere to their new sizing chart. But come on! We all know that's not ever gonna happen. The issue is far too complex.

I will use myself as a prime example. I'm usually a 12/14 and I'm short ... ahem ... I mean I'm petite. However, I am also a pear (big badonkadonk, little waist). Different sizes, designers, materials, styles all fit me differently. Some just plain do not work no matter what size I try. In QVC's chart I would be either a medium (12) or a large (14). And guess what? I won't know how to determine which one to order because they won't give me any garment specifications.

In theory, the body measurement sizing chart is a great idea. All clothing lines in every store should be so simple. But women's bodies are not simple. And a woman's perception about her body is more complicated still.

The intricacies of the national budget ain't got nothin' on trying to find a decent fitting pair of jeans!


  1. Even the designers don't have uniform sizing in their own lines. I'll throw out Denim & Co and Susan Graver as two prime examples. How are they all going to comply to some mysterious QVC "standard"? I used to think that QVC was a class operation but lately I'm not so sure. Has anyone else noticed how there are more 5-6 easy pays on products that never would have warranted them in the past? The Q is not about to drop prices but they are willing to let you pay for your little baubles at "less then a dollar a day"

    Sorry Folks, I'll get down from my soapbox now.......

  2. Actually, you're right about that, Pat. I've ordered items from the same line of clothing, most notably pants, in the same sizes and they have been 'way off from one to the other. Even the length of a petite pant is off within the same brand and size by an inch or more.

    With both Denim & Co and Susan Graver (who is the lesser offender in my own experience, BTW), I've sometimes ordered an item in several colors because I liked the initial one purchased (I know, how "Cher" of me) and the additional colors ordered in the same size didn't fit me at all!


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