Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Charles Winston coming to HSN or QVC?

Charles Winston had a recent split from ShopNBC. Since then, he's only been on foreign home shopping channels in Australia and the United Arab Emirates of all places.

But then I found this little announcement on the Charles Winston website:

NEW NETWORK To Be Announced Soon (USA)

Charles Winston's TV show on ShopNBC ran successfully for almost 11-years. Mr. Winston, at the urging of a larger, more far reaching television shopping network in the USA has decided it was time to end his show at ShopNBC. Check back often to watch for the announcement of the new network he will be launching his show.

Obviously, there are only two home shopping channels bigger than ShopNBC. To me, Charles just seems like a perfect fit for HSN. But then I saw the above picture of Marie Osmond wearing Charles Winston jewelry that was posted on the Charles Winston home page. Does that mean that he's coming to the Q? I just can't picture him there.


  1. Well it seems to me that if he does go to QVC, he will have to market his line as having Diamonique stones. That wouldn't be much of a stretch considering the people who probably supply the stones for his pieces also probably produce Diamonique and Absolute stones too. In fact, I bet they're all basically the same stones marketed under different brand names.

  2. I worked with him at ShopNBC. He is a lot of fun to work with. I imagine HSN would be a much better fit than the Q.

    His jewelry is good quality. I wore a pair of earrings to a big red carpet event and no one ever knew the truth. And this was one of the biggest events of the year.....loved that my CW earrings fit right in.

  3. A few months he was advertised in an HSN mailer, which even featured some of his designs. But no Charles! Very strange, and I still wonder what happened there. qc

  4. I just saw him the other day on JTV. I believe he was selling Moissonite (sp?) some type of diamond simulant that isn't a simulant or some such nonsense.
    I never like to buy costume jewelry because of the quality but his was the best. I have the most adorable bracelet with different colored purse charms on it.


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