Sunday, January 4, 2009

Who's in Bob's Kitchen Now?

A curious caller cornered David Venable into giving an answer about who will be taking over the In the Kitchen with Bob show.

Congrats David!


  1. Having David as the host would be ideal, but Mary-Beth would be a bad choice. David, Sharon, or Antoinella...yes. But not the helium queen.

  2. I like David, but he seems to be more of a food eater than a food preparer. I do not think he is right for "In the Kitchen". What does he know about cooking? Does he ever acutally prepare food or does he just stick crab cakes in the oven? He does not have the experience like Bob had IMO.

  3. i think david is wonderful. he just belongs in that kitchen. it wouldn't be right to have anyone else.


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