Friday, January 9, 2009

Hear No Dr. Evil, See No Dr. Evil, Speak No Dr. Evil

When the Botox-loving Dr. Will Kirby appeared on QVC to sell the Neutrogena Dermatologics Retinol NX Serum, I kind of recognized him from Dr. 90210. However, I had no idea that he's been around the reality television block a few times. I haven't ever watched Big Brother, so I wasn't familiar with his Dr. Evil shenanigans on that show. Evil is not an exaggeration, y'all! Check him out in this video trying to convince another contestant that he had cancer as part of a strategic ploy:

It has to take a special kind of evil to use your medical knowledge to fake having cancer just to propel yourself into the next round of a reality TV show.

He made his big splash on the Dr. 90210 show by getting one of his buddies from Big Brother to come to him to get a genital wart removed from his ... well, you know ... his bits and pieces. I won't traumatize you with the clip, but here he is talking to Chelsey Handler about it (plus they discuss his girlfriend from yet another reality show and his love of injecting himself with Botox--you didn't think that smooth skin came from using Neutrogena, did you?):

So why would Neutrogena want Dr. Evil as a spokesperson??? Well, I am talking about him and the product. I normally don't pay attention to the cookie cutter skincare vendors. *Sigh* I'm complicit in this, aren't I? Evil Queen Bea is going to take a shower or go to confession now ...

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  1. What a phony sleeze he turns out to be.


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