Friday, January 9, 2009

Blurring the Lines

Did you catch long-time host Jane Treacy on the QVC homepage today modeling the TSV ring? Did you notice when another host, Carolyn Gracie, was also modeling the TSV on the homepage recently?

And did you also happen to catch Meredith Laurence's new show the other night, Blue Jean Chef?

Seems as though QVC wants to move in a new direction where there aren't many distinctions with the on-air personalities. Program hosts are models, vendors and product specialists are hosts ... whatever works.

Meredith has been working as a product expert for Technique cookware, which I believe is owned by QVC. She's always worked alongside a host--usually Bob--but took the plunge with her own new show. I watched part of it. And while she seemed nervous and a little uneasy with the additional host duties, she did a good job--informative and entertaining with a soft sell. I think she just needs a little more time to settle in to the job.

(BTW, be sure to check out Meredith's website here for some more of her recipes.)

QVC also seems to be placing more of an emphasis on host-themed shows in general, like Get Fit with Rick, My Time with Mary Beth, Antonella's Italian Kitchen, and You're Home with Jill. Of course, the problem with all of these new shows is that they are showing the same tired old products. That also leads me to believe that none of these hosts have much of a say as to what products they showcase as their "favorites" in these new programs.

Anyway, I have to wonder where this is all headed or if they are just testing the waters a bit.


  1. Just found your blog and LOVE it!!!

    I think that is a horrible picture of Jane!

  2. Apparently Jane doesn't use the anti-aging products the Q sells. Or maybe they just don't work like they want us to believe.

  3. Agreed, Anon (above). I was fairly surprised to see JRT, wrinkled and aging, as the featured host for that TSV. It's not only that stark and rather harsh hair cut and coloring she sports lately, but most notably those lines around her eyes and her aging hands. Looks like she's doing a distaff "Benjamin Button."

  4. I guess they didn't want to spend the $ airbrushing the photo.

    I figure they are making everyone do double duty to save money. Why pay a model to come in and have a photo taken when they can have a host do it. It's a misconception that hosts only work the hours they're on the air. They also spend more hours off air in meetings, doing show prep, publicity, etc. So since the host would be there doing something else, I'm sure it's easy to just schedule her to spend 20 minutes having some photos taken verses the fee to bring a model in.

    And if vendors can also host (especially QVC branded products such as Cooks Essential) even better. They don't have to have a host at all saving $. Just give the vendor a slight % of what's sold or a bump in salary or whatever and they're covered.

    I bet it all comes down to marketing. If a host models a product or a show is named after him/her, I bet sales are better.

  5. I for one do not mind JRT's wrinkles. At least she has them. Whaz up with MBR. Her face has ballooned. And the make-up on some of these gals. They look like harlots, especially LR and PR. Do they really think they look good? (I certainly wouldn't want to look like that.)


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