Thursday, January 1, 2009

Don't Pay Attention at that Vendor Passed Out Under the Table

Pay close attention around the :37 mark.

Supposedly, the vendor is fine and it was just the flu (although I can honestly say that I've never passed out from the flu quite like that). What's so funny to me is how the host, Sandra Bennett, completely ignores the vendor staggering off camera and collapsing. She just keeps plowing ahead with her phone call! There's just nothing like live television.

What are they feeding these vendors in the green room???


  1. I have to laugh, i have a teenage son who since he was little sometimes passes out when he's coming down w/ the flu. The first time it happened, i wanted to rush him to the ER thinking he was fatally ill w/ something. Later on that night, he began throwing up. On occasion, he staggers into my room & says he's feeling weak & faint & every time, he is coming down w/ some virus or bug. It is a very odd thing & no one else in the family reacts that way. I think they don't pay attention to other symptoms until it just knocks them flat, literally & figuratively......

  2. Poor lady! Good grief Sandra! Since it was on camera, the least she could have done was acknowledge what happened and show a bit of concern. Instead she pretends it didn't happen, prompting comments and discussion on the Q board and a blog entry such as this! This shows just how fake the hosts really are.

  3. OMG!!
    How awful!
    Well, AT LEAST the vendor tried to "bow out gracefully".

  4. Poor gal :( Though it is a little funny. Thanks for your comment on my blog (The Bubbles one). I am happy I clicked on your name because I LOVE your blog!!!

  5. haha poor girl. she was so nervous. probably her blood pressure spiked & her breathing became shallow. that'll bring on instant lightheadedness. i'm picturing her with her head between her knees while the host rambles on.


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