Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Shopping Around ... Bullseye!

This blogger ordered the dress in the picture from the Q. Notice anything odd about it???

Take a closer look at one of the boobs ...


Ellen DeGeneres will be on QVC remote from LA in January to present Halo, Purely for Pets, a natural pet food company that she partially owns. I hope she's funny. I hope she comes back. And I really, really hope that the "I love Jesus, but I drink a little" lady calls in to talk! She is a hoot!

Miss Tina likes to design her clothes for the curvier woman. She was inspired by "the forgotten woman," noting that "some of Beyonce's backup singers are plus size women." How sweet of her to think of all us fatties.

"Holy mamacita!" Shawn Killinger writes just like she talks. This entire blog entry is pretty funny. Maybe Shawn Killinger and Rachel Ray speak the same strange language that only they fully understand.

The is some controversy surrounding some Upper Deck baseball cards sold exclusively on the Q.

Former HSN host and owner of her own cosmetic line, Kellie Olver, was recruited to manage the marketing for Eveline products.

Debra Messing will collaborate with designer Robert Lee Morris to create a piece of gold jewelry to benefit Youth AIDS.

Here are two inventions that make me wonder why I'm sitting here writing this and not toiling away in the basement trying to invent something:

Real Estate agent and mom, Joya Machabee, invented the Kiddie Kangaroo, which is a storage system for car seats and strollers. She's getting the chance to sell on HSN.

Vince D'Onofrio found a way to mount those little solar lights everyone puts in their yards onto gutters, thus putting lights all along the top of your house. Not only was he smart enough to come up with these Gutter Lights, but he managed to get them scheduled to be on the Q next fall.

One day I’ll think of something to invent.


  1. Egad, at any size I would not wear that particular pattern or color. Doesn't anyone take a look at things before they photograph them or notice what everyeone else notices? You can't miss the bullseye effect there, not if you're a breathing, awake human being.

  2. I gotta agree with Gale. This thing woudn't look good on ANYbody, bulls eye or not.

  3. The blogger was showing the dress b/c she noticed the bullseye and thought it was funny. Don't worry, she returned it!

  4. Just an FYI, ex HSN and TSC shopping channel host Kellie's last name is Olver not Oliver.

    As a TSC viewer I'm glad to see Kellie has a new gig, hope she comes back to TSC as a vendor, she was my favorite TSC host!

  5. You know, I think my spell checker told me that Olver was wrong and that it should be Oliver. I'm not one to argue with the almighty spellchecker.

    Thanks for letting me know and I will fix it! :-)

  6. Hey, ShopNBC just sold the once only black angora faux fur, and a button came off live on-air! What's worse Bullseye or flying Button from the ELITE< QUALITY NETWORK! What is happening?


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