Monday, December 15, 2008

QVC is The Biggest Loser

Season 5 Biggest Loser winner and first woman to take the title, Ali Vincent, just finished her QVC vendor training classes. After losing 112 pounds and keeping it off for a year, she will be the pitchwoman for all The Biggest Loser products.

I admit, I love The Biggest Loser. I also feel guilty sitting on the couch watching these people work their butts off while I'm munchin' on cheesy poofs. Oh well.

I hope Ali gets to bring her mom on the Q too. She was a hoot! And trainer Bob definitely needs to be there. I need a little eye candy while they are telling me how fat and unhealthy I am.


  1. Ugh! Reality TV is worse than home shopping ;-)

  2. luv me some biggest loser! (team michelle!) finale tomorrow! :-)

    not to sound dumb, considering i watch the Q all the time....but they sell BL stuff?? where've I been??

  3. It's ok MK! She hasn't been on with the BL products yet. You haven't missed anything!


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