Monday, December 15, 2008

The Gift That She Is

So Paula was on HSN quite a bit this weekend. I for one was completely disappointed. She was relatively coherent (for Paula--it's all relative people!) and no major incidents occurred that I saw. I'm so disappointed.

Yes, she had her usual slow, deliberate, slurred Anna-Nicole-style speech pattern, but I'm pretty sure that I detected actual nouns and verbs in her sentences. Although I did notice that her hands seemed to shake uncontrollably when she was holding the jewelry for a closeup, which isn't funny in the slightest. It's actually very, very sad.

The hosts also took great pains to not only keep Paula focused on the task at hand, but to treat her "like the gift that she is." The ridiculous amount of personal compliments, the fawning over her products, and the sucking-up all seemed like blatant ego stroking and made the hosts look like a bunch of silly sycophants.

I loved how they were selling her picture with a "signature" on it. Not an autograph, just a printed on signature. Awesome! I'm sure it will make a great present for that someone special. The coup de grace, however, was when they offered the big surprise Estaban "Tribute to Paula Abdul" guitar. It's like HSN is trying to make fun of itself.

At least I have American Idol to look forward to!!!


  1. I wanted to comment on the Paula Abdul article you had on your site.

    This show was without "incident" and Paula had her day but little did she know that HSN did a dirty little sneaky trick to help her do well on her first day!!!!

    Suzanne Somers, whom I have followed since the 70's, has been on HSN for about 15 years. She has made HSN a ton of money, I'm sure!!

    Well she had a new jewelry suite(Necklace, earrings, etc. which came out on her last visit just last week on HSN.

    I was watching her as they were presenting this new jewelry and Suzanne was quite upset and confused as to why her new necklace did was not there with the rest of the matching peices.
    She kept asking about the reason why the necklace was not there and she just could not understand why.
    She showed the sample which she was wearing and told the customers that it would be in later and she could not understand why it did not come in with the other peices.

    The host kept telling her that these things happen sometimes but Suzanne still seemed confused, like it had never happened to her before.

    I did not think anything about it until the next week with the Paula Abdul debut.

    The I saw it!!! A necklace exactly like Suzannes. EXACTLY!!! IT was very unique and made of mesh and kind of looked like a bandana for the neck. It came in several colors.
    The gold one looked like a dream and was like spun gold.

    If you watched Paula's debut, then you saw the necklace I am speaking of.

    The thing is, HSN did Suzanne dirty as heck!!

    She has sold millions for them and they told her that her necklace did not come in because they knew Paula would have the exact same necklace to sell during the same week.

    HSN knew if everyone bought from Suzanne then they would not buy from Paula and they of course told Suzanne a lie to help Paula's show make a better debut.

    HSN kissing a better known star's tale instead of the star that everyone has forgotten(Suzanne).

    I think it is the most disgusting and dirty thing I have seen yet!!

    I wish someone else would have noticed this because when I first realized what had happened, I was appalled!!!

    Suzanne has helped HSN get to where they are today and she has a lot of loyal fans(shoppers) from HSN. I think it is a shame that HSN did her that way.

    I am actually glad that Suzanne did not know although she should know how dirty HSN really is!!!!!

    Shame on HSN for doing Suzanne like that just to make Paula's show a success.

    Kissing star buttock is disgusting when you see it happen right before your eyes.

    Hey Queen Bea, I have been reading your site for the last couple of months and thought if anyone should know about this, it should be you.
    You may already know if you were watching both shows.
    That is the thing, unless a lot of people just happened to be watching both shows at the exact same time as I was about a week or less apart then they would never figure it out.

    Thanks Queen Bea and I wrote so fast that I hope you understand what I was trying to get across to you.

    Maybe you can find the dirt on this!!!!

  2. Hey Anon!

    I did a little research and found out that it did happen as you said it did. If it was intentional, HSN is shooting themselves in the foot. SS has been making money for them for years and has a loyal following. I'll be posting about this soon!



  3. I don't know why but i don't particularly care for Paula Abdul. I prefer watching Suzanne Somers any day. At least she seems genuinely interested in passing along as much health, lifestyle & medical information as possible, even though she's making a profit off it, she is sincere about educating her audience.

  4. Hey Queen Bea,

    Just stopping back by to see if you found out what was up with the story I wrote to you about Paula and Suzanne.

    I sure wish someone else had been watching when
    both were on, so I could hear someone else's take on the whole thing.

    But like I said before, just as soon as I saw that necklace which was originally Suzanne's, I knew what had happened.

    I don't care about watching HSN any more since then.

    If they are that disloyal to someone who has been with them for 15 years for a newcomer who they hardly know, then they are really sneaky in my book.

    I have no use for them but I am kinda like you, I have to see what is going on once in a while. LOL!!!

    See ya later,
    My name is Tammy

  5. Nightingale,

    I think you are so right.

    Suzanne really tries to help others and I like her very much.

    I really hope she doesn't find out about the necklace incident, I would not want to see her get hurt by HSN.
    They(HSN) talk about being one big family but if they treated all their guests like they treated SS that day, they can't be as close as a family.

    Really, there are those who come and those who go.
    Suzanne's products are good and that is exactly why she has been around HSN for so many years. The audience likes her and her stuff.

    I wonder how many years Paula will be around? Her star power can only take her so far in Electronic retail.
    If the people out there do not like her products, she will not stay long.

    That's how it has always been with every famous person who tries to go the entrepreneur route on TV's large retailer's.

    Oh Well, maybe Queen Bea will find some juicy stuff for us soon.

    Just wanted to say hi to you since you left a comment about my comment;-)

    Talk to you all again,


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