Saturday, December 20, 2008

Queen Bea's Big Thank You!

Merry Christmas in December--not to be confused with everyone's favorite home shopping tradition, Christmas in July!--and a big fat "Thank You!" to you for making this blog so much fun. You guys are an absolute blast to hang out with--even the haters and trolls ... you just add a little spice to the entertainment. ;-)

This blog has only been up and running less then a year now, so I need your help. What do you love to read about on the blog? What do you want to see more of? What could you do without? Be honest, I can take it. I think ... stiff upper lip and all that.

Oh! And I have to tell you about my Christmas present that I found for myself. I 'm sooo excited! On Craigslist, I snagged an 18k yellow gold band ring with channel-set square natural emeralds and baguette diamonds (yes, I do wear real stuff too, people). And get this, the band is HEAVY--I hate flimsy gold jewelry, you know--I think it's about 7 grams of gold stuffed into that little band. I love it! It's gorgeous, it's high-quality, and I got a great deal on it. Apparently some lady was unloading everything her no-good ex-husband ever gave her. In any case, I got a rockin' deal on it. For what I paid for my heavy 18k gold emerald and diamond ring, I would have ended up with some hollowed-out nothing from just about anywhere else.

I will probably be posting sporadically this week. Even though I am lucky enough to get the week off to spend with my family, it's going to be busy. So I'm not making any promises about the quantity or quality of the posts this week. We'll just have to see how it goes.

My family is coming here for Christmas so there is lots of shopping and cooking to do--and that's not even counting all the present wrapping and delivering for everyone on my home shopping Christmas list.

Anyway, my father just started Weight Watchers a few weeks ago, so I'm trying to make the menu a little healthier for his sake. The main dinner is shaping up nicely (brined pork tenderloin with apple glaze, roasted rosemary potatoes and winter squash, hearty vegetable soup, dried cranberry, walnut, and blue cheese salad with balsamic vinaigrette), but the rest of it is a big calorie bust, I'm afraid. Oh well, tis the season! There will be a revolt if there is no spinach dip and bourbon cake!

We're also planning on hitting Dollywood after Christmas to see the lights.

So, by Queen Bea's royal decree, have a very Merry Christmas!!!


  1. I think i'm the newbie around these parts so I'll pitch in my 2 cents worth. First of all, i don't know how you do all you do & seem to be a gourmet cook on top of it all along w/ having company! Maybe you should change your name from Queen Bea to Super Bea. Secondly, I am dying to see that emerald ring. You simply MUST post a pic of it you lucky gal. Lastly, i love everything about the blog...all the behind-the-scenes info. about home shopping, your observations & insights dosed out with your combined wit & intelligence make for FUN reading! I consider myself an amateur rockhound & while gems & jewelry are my favorite subjects,i also love to discuss the who/what/where of the home shopping scene too!

  2. Gale, I just got here, myself, so we can both be newbies together. 'Not a newbie to home shopping, though, which has got to be the best thing since sliced bread, IMHO. Who needs trawling crowded shopping malls at this time of year? I'd rather see it on TV or online.

    Best to you all and especially to you, Queen Bea!

  3. QB, you rock, sista! Love the blog to pieces. I'm all about the gossip (speaking of, I actually heard Pat say "Vincent" on air the other morning! gasp!) and the shopping/products. I've never watched JTV or ShopNBC, but your commentary enlightens me. And the behind-the-scenes are a *total* plus! Oh, and my man Oscar, too! Swoon! :-)

    Things will be quite busy in the Kween's Kastle next week as well, topped off with a Christmas night trek from Michigan to Arkansas to see my fam. So if I don't have time to tell you, please please please have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Looking forward to an even *bigger & better* 2009!

    And if you're on facebook, look me UP! And if you're not on should be! :-P

  4. Hello Your Majesty. :) I love the blog! I came across it looking for info on Dave King and have been hooked ever since. Keep up the good work! BTW, I heard that Patti will be gone at the end of the year. Heard anything about that?

  5. I love your blog too! I enjoy the behind the scenes stuff the most.

  6. I was with QB when she picked up her beloved 18k diamond & emerald band, and I can attest that it was the buy of the century. Quality, quality, quality... if the rest of us could be half as lucky half of the time, we'd all be very happy campers.


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