Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm Making a List, Checking it Twice

So I've been working diligently on my home shopping Christmas list for this year. Unfortunately, it's hard to remember all the multitudes of people that I'm supposed to be buying presents for ... at least according to those very generous TV hosts. In fact, they seem to be quite enthusiastic about purchasing inappropriate and expensive gifts for every casual acquaintance and service professional that they kinda sorta know.

And just in case you accidentally overlook getting a special gift for your dental hygienist, you need to be sure to have several items tucked away in a gift drawer (or a gift closet if you're lucky).

You can never have too many Valerie Parr Hill scented soy candles with coordinating gift bags, you know!

Now let's see if I forgot anyone ...

cat groomer

dog walker


meter reader

crossing guard

kid's teacher

cafeteria lady

nail technician

mail carrier

hair dresser

Did I forget someone? Please let me know soon! That Countdown to Christmas clock is tick-tick-ticking away!


  1. You forgot newspaper boy, the yard service guy, the snow removal guy, your pastor, the school secretaries, the dance teacher, the coaches for football, baseball, soccer. Oh, and don't forget the scout leaders!

  2. And don't forget the the girlfriend who helped you through a tough time this year (silver hoops), the friend who *went* through a tough time this year (Steven Lavaggi *some*thing), the friend/neighbor who feeds your hamster while you're on vacation (the ever-handy VPH soy candle), your gynecologist (Chesapeake Bay crab cakes! lol), your proctologist (Manilow collection -- HA! j/k, QB! I know you're a fan, sister :-), your psychic (Kirk's Folly shawl)....I'm sure there are many others, but I'm drinking beer and can't think of them at the moment! heehee

  3. Crab cakes for the gyno?!?!?!?!? HAH! Love it!

    Back off of my Manilow before I go all fangirly on you! :-P Although he might enjoy going to that particular type of doctor.

    I'm gonna add all these people to my Christmas list. Y'all are awesome!

  4. Don't forget the homeless guy at the corner!!! He could probably use one of those flameless candles to panhandle by....

  5. your gynecologist (Chesapeake Bay crab cakes! Moonkween, that's priceless!!

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