Friday, December 19, 2008

Colored Gold has Officially Jumped the Shark

After watching Lisa present some Barney-the-Dinosaur, purple-colored gold on QVC last night, I'm officially declaring that colored gold has Jumped the Shark.

The original and natural yellow color is perfect. White and rose are simply beautiful and they are classics. Even a little chocolate, black, and green can be enjoyable in small doses or as accents. But purple? And it's not even a nice, soft understated tanzanite purple.

The classic Byzantine bracelet presented last night in purple was just the last straw for me. This is getting ridiculous. As expensive as gold is right now, why would anyone pay for a 14k gold bracelet coated in Crayola Crayon Purple?

I don't get it.


  1. I saw those too...& then i shut off the tv & went to sleep. I'm over the colored gold. I prefer yellow gold, sometimes the rose & extremely infrequently, white gold. I like gold to be identifiable as gold & not look like some jewelry from the dollar store. Since colored gemstones are going away from the pricier ruby, sapphire & emeralds to more semiprecious stones, they began coloring pearls. Which is fine, colored pearls have a great place in livening things up a little & adding accents but now, coloring the gold is just ridiculous.

  2. Unlike diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeeralds of decent quality are very, very rare these days, and therefore cost-prohibitive. Most of the natural rubies, sapphires, and emeralds shown on home shopping networks are low-quality and U-G-L-Y. It's better for them to just stay away from those stones!

    Most of the lab-created versions are fine, but people still don't seem to understand what they are.

  3. I do NOT like the green gold or the purple gold or the fuschia gold (I'm kidding...or am I?). Heck, I'm not even sure I like white gold. SS or even platinum is so much prettier. I only have one rose gold ring (coming to me from Santa this year from a jewelry store in town) which has small pink sapphires and diamonds set into it, so I can forgive the temporary lapse into a colored gold. But otherwise, count me out. I guess the manufacturers have to come up with something new to keep us watching and interested.

  4. I think it's all sleight of hand to try to keep customers distracted from how expensive gold has become. Note the rise in pushing the murano glass beaded jewelry. If a bead breaks, you're screwed. Same with coloring the pearls to add interest & divert us away from the metal - less gold content to keep the price down but using a colored distraction. QVC used to offer both Australian & Kanchaniburi sapphires which were gorgeous. You don't see those anymore. I seriously love the big 3 - emeralds, rubies & sapphires along w/ beautiful tourmalines. Stones from Madagascar seem to be very clean, clear & brilliant unlike ones mined from other places but then again, don't see those much either. Also note how marketing the jewelry by relating it to food is increasing: pistachio pearls, chocolate gold, etc... today i even heard one of the hosts refer to rose gold pieces as chocolate covered strawberries! Who doesn't have an appetite for pretty things but the lengths they are going to to disguise how little gram weight is left in the gold is kind of insulting.

  5. Last nite, Joe Esposito said purple is here in a big way to stay thru 2009.....

  6. I just found this blog spot (via a link on one of Q's message boards)...great spot. Anyway, I had to laugh when I saw this thread...I so agree. My saturation point was building and came to a head when I saw the recent Today's Special Value "colors of gold" chains last week with colors such as Raspberry gold!! It looked like the cheeziest of costume junk! I like yellow & white; rose is pretty but I just never started with all one piece and then you have to "start a wardrobe." I did received a pair of chocolate earrings as a gift once and they're very pretty. But now...they've just gone too far...and it has to be just cheap plating over gold. Usually this plating wears off...I've bought some of QVC's 18k plated pieces...but won't anymore. Give me real yellow or white gold. Enough already.

  7. rose/red/pink gold isn't temporary or new. Most of the area where RUssia/USSR is has had red gold and it is more common because copper was the most available to alloy with. It wasn't a fashion choice or a gimmick

  8. I had virtually the same response as Amy when I saw the TSV "Colors of Gold" on QVC's home page announcing their "new golds". Golds? What was I missing? If I want a fun purple, green, fuschia, etc., piece of jewelry then I will pay a fun price for it. I have to admit I was surprised at how much they sold although if I remember correctly they actually had very few sell outs as compared to past Gold Rush events and I'm sure that was mostly due to the economy but all of those colors in designs other than basic chains or hoop earrings didn't seem to do as well as they had expected. I'm sure they thought the colors might help assure some sell outs but I don't know if it panned out for them. Keep the colors to costume jewelry, that's where it belongs (and have it at the low end of costume jewelry pricing). Come to think of it, are they even showing "colored gold" anymore on QVC? I think HSN only had a little bit of it but overall I tend to stick to cooking shows and the gardening and holiday shows on both networks. Although, I'm a bit sad, amused and perplexed at QVC's food shows anymore. About 5 years ago I tried 4 different food items including Corky's ribs, Cajun turkey breasts, Dave Haig's barbeque chicken breasts and Kansas City steakburgers. I'm glad they were part of a try me program because I would have been very upset if I had paid more than I had. Have never re-ordered any of those items but they sure do continue to sell. Interestingly, since I bought them I received a computer and now can check reviews. In checking the reviews of what I had ordered I see I'm not the only person who has been disappointed with food purchases. What really surprises me is that the food continues to sell that even if they have many, many reviews but only about a 50% or so recommendation rates.Do they just figure the amount of new customers that try the item will outweigh the customers that don't necessarily reorder because they're disappointed in the quality? Honestly, I would have to really LOVE something to pay the prices on an autoship basis for any of their foods when you look at not only the price of the items themselves but tax and S&H which is killer. It would also have to be something I couldn't possibly find anywhere near my home or be somthing I simply could NEVER be able to make myself. By the way, where has Lisa Robertson been? It seems as tho she's been on vacation forever. I also have to add that I do not at all miss Bob Bowersox and if Judy Crowell did not reappear I would be fine with that. I always thought Bob and Judy were a bit too pompous for me. I, therefore, wasn't surprised when I checked out bob's "cookbook" from the library and in it he had a picture of Judy whom he described as one of his closest friend. As for Bob leaving to "act", I saw his clips on his web site. Scary. Tried to follow what accent he was supposed to have but with every line he sounded like he was from a different country. Well, at least he worked hard and long enough to move on to what he really wants to do, I guess. Lots of talk as to whether it was his choice or mutual, etc. to leave QVC. Personally, in this economy it is a bit unusual for someone to give up a well paying, seemingly secure position but maybe he was lucky enough to be able to do that. Good for him if that was the case. But I find it hard to believe that Christian from HSN chose to leave HSN to pursue his acting career. He seemed sweet enough but the poor young man could barely explain a set of pots and pans and I'm sure keeping a job like that depends on how well you sell like any other good retail position but magnified. Out of that entire new group they hired when they redid their morning show I just knew he would not last.
    Well, keep up the good work Queen Bea. This is my first "conversation" with you so its definitely lengthy. I will not do that in the future!


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