Thursday, November 13, 2008

Layoff Update: QCard to Blame?

More information about the recent layoffs at QVC via The Consumerist website:

A reader who would like to remain anonymous, described the layoff process in an email to Consumerist.

As I understand it, security escorted each ex-worker back to his/her desk, where they collected their keys and pocketbook, etc. They were not allowed to get anything else, and must return at a later time when the building is primarily empty to collect the rest of their belongings.

We suppose that's how it goes when you work in a huge vat of jewelry.

The layoffs are being blamed on QVC's credit card division, which is experiencing more defaults.

In late October, Liberty Media said third-quarter profits dropped at its QVC home-shopping unit as the credit crunch slowed consumer spending and more customers missed payments on QVC-issued credit cards.

Some 27 percent of QVC sales are paid for with the company-issued credit cards, George said.

"People are struggling," [Mike George, QVC's president and CEO] said. "QVC will be more careful, more conservative when opening up new Q-Card accounts."

I have to wonder if the Q is going to continue to push the QCard all the time or if they're going to lay off for a while?

And on another note entirely, is it even legal for QVC security to prevent employees from even gathering up their own property???


  1. QVC can do what it wants to. Hell, they could claim asbestos contamination to keep people out and then let them back in when THEY think it's OK to finally do so. Probably after they went through stuff first.

    1. It is a common practice to be walked out when you are terminated. Security usually stands by your desk while you gather your belongings and then walks you to the door. This happens at all the businesses I am aware of; I have personnally witnessed this with many former co-workers.


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